Shorelight Career Services’ experienced advisors work with international students to build pathways toward successful careers. Explore your potential and learn from experts while you study as you work toward your dream job.

Premium Career Services

Accelerate your career growth and stand out to employers as you learn from industry experts and develop key workplace skills.

  • Career Services Program — Work with Shorelight’s career counselors and participate in professional development programs that prepare you for global careers.

Standard Career Services

Build a strong foundation of core skills that kick start your career.

  • Career Preparation — Learn the basics of preparing for your future career, including creating a career plan, practicing interviews, building a professional network, and more.

  • Resume and Cover Letter Prep — Learn how to write a winning resume and cover letter that highlights your skills and experience to potential employers.

  • Professional Networking — Connect with industry professionals and gain firsthand insights into the fields that most interest you.

  • OPT Placement — Discover your options for Optional Practical Training (OPT) in the US and get the support you need to apply for OPT opportunities in your sector.

Add-on Career Services

Work toward developing specific skills and experiences that interest you. Identify areas of improvement and expand your skillset based on industry needs.

  • Upskill Workshops — Get familiar with the skillsets and programs that employers value most.

  • Training and Certifications — Strengthen your academic and professional skills through industry-specific training programs and certifications.

  • Virtual Internships — Access online internships at industry-leading companies and gain practical work experience from anywhere in the world.

  • OPT Placement — Discover your options for Optional Practical Training (OPT) in the US and get the support you need to apply for roles where you’re a great fit.

Upskill workshops, certifications, and virtual internships come bundled in a 16-week program. Click here to learn more.

Ask an Advisor

Our education counselors help every step of the way, from application to arrival, at no additional cost to you.

  • Advice & research
  • Application & visa help
  • Pre-arrival info
  • No application fee

International Student 
Career FAQs

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    Does Shorelight Help International Students Find Jobs?

    Shorelight works closely with major global employers to help with career development for international students. Access jobs for international students, including international graduate careers, and network with professionals from companies such as Deloitte, Google, IBM, Microsoft, PwC, and many more. With Career Premium, you can even begin a virtual internship on campus or from your home country while you study.

    Additionally, Shorelight universities organize networking events and career fairs to help international students discover new job opportunities. Build your professional network and work toward success by connecting with university alumni, meet with recruiters on campus, and tour company locations with on-site visits as part of your job search.

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    How does Shorelight help international students with their career development?

    Shorelight expert counselors provide career development for international students in the US. Through programs such as the Career Accelerator, international students can receive personalized support to work toward long-term career goals.

    With Shorelight, access career development international services such as:

    • Dedicated counselors—Receive one-on-one guidance and work with your counselor to develop your own career action plan, get help in finding jobs for international students, and practice your public speaking.

    • Career workshops—Career Accelerator workshops are structured specifically for students preparing to start their careers, covering topics such as creating LinkedIn profiles, preparing for interviews, and more.

    • Work permit supportLand a major internship at top companies and receive assistance when applying for OPT and CPT work in the US.

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    Does Shorelight Provide Resume Writing Services?

    Shorelight Career Services regularly hold resume and cover letter writing workshops that go over how to create, maintain, and update your resumes and cover letters for future job opportunities. The workshops support career development for international students and are a great way to learn which skills and knowledge employers are looking for, which can help you understand what you need to add to your resume.

    Also, your dedicated Shorelight advisor is always available to help you learn more about international student careers and how to write your resume and cover letters. Your advisor can also direct you to resources that can help you learn more about resume writing.

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    What Career Difficulties Do International Students Face?

    Some US organizations can be hesitant to hire international students for reasons such as:

    • Concerns about English skills

    • Complications with student visas

    • Residency status after graduation

    • Cultural fit

    With Shorelight, an international student landing a job is less challenging, as our Career Services program staff work closely with top US organizations and provide the resources you need to succeed. When you enroll at a Shorelight university, you will join a welcoming community that celebrates diversity and inclusion – and works with employers that share a commitment to equity and global representation.

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    What other services does Shorelight offer?

    Shorelight offers a range of services designed for international students, including: