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Master Degree in Business Administration (MBA)
Looking to earn a master's degree in business in the USA? Talk to a Shorelight advisor about top-ranked universities & business programs for international students.
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Studying for an MBA gives you the opportunity to learn from business experts and learn key workplace skills such as collaboration, leadership, strategic thinking, and entrepreneurship. Work toward the career of your dreams and explore multiple industries through core coursework covering international business, accounting, human resources, marketing, supply chain management, and more.

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Master Degree in Business Administration FAQs

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    Where can I study for an MBA degree in the US?

    When determining where to get your MBA in the US, consider the location of each university or college. This is important because of opportunity and proximity: MBA universities in the USA for international students that are located in cities with high business activity, such as Chicago, New York, and San Francisco, can give you more possibilities to grow your professional network and help you discover jobs and internship positions. 

    Shorelight universities offering an MBA in the USA for international students are among the top-ranked universities in the country and are located in some of the largest cities in the nation, giving you the opportunity to complete your degree and explore careers at leading global companies.

    • Adelphi University—The Robert B. Willumstad School of Business at Adelphi is located in New York, which has the third-largest state economy in the US. Adelphi offers students multiple concentrations and options for accelerated MBA programs.

    • American University—Located in Washington, DC, American University’s Global Experience program develops your expertise in the global economy and gives you the chance to participate in public-private consortium work.

    • Auburn UniversityAuburn’s Harbert College of Business offers concentrations across multiple industries. Study options include online and dual-degree programs.

    • Auburn University at MontgomeryAuburn University at Montgomery offers a master’s degree in Healthcare Administration (MHA) for students who want to combine their MBA with a MHA.

    • Cleveland State UniversityCSU offers the MBA/Juris Doctor (JD) joint degree program, which allows students to complete both degrees across four years. CSU also offers options to complete your MBA in just one year.

    • University of DaytonUniversity of Dayton’s Bachelor’s Plus Master’s Program (BPM), allows you to study for your bachelor’s degree and transition immediately into your master’s degree afterward at an accelerated pace.

    • University of Illinois ChicagoUIC works closely with MBA students to help customize their own plans of study to work toward their targeted careers. 

    • University of Massachusetts BostonUMass Boston offers both online and in-campus options for its unique 12-course MBA program. The program is structured to be flexible and allow students to customize coursework with specializations from multiple industries.

    • University of Mississippi—The University of Mississippi gives students accelerated program options to complete their MBA in just one year. Additionally, students can also take part in the Speaker’s Edge competition to improve public speaking skills, while also connecting with industry professionals.

    • University of South Carolina—The International MBA program offered through UofSC’s Darla Moore School of Business is ranked number-one in the US and gives you the choice to pursue a Business Analytics Graduate Certificate for STEM designation.

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    What MBA courses are offered for international students?

    There are different types of MBA programs in the USA for international students, with courses focusing on subjects including economics, international business, risk management, insurance, supply chain management, marketing, human resources, finance, accounting, entrepreneurship, and many more. When selecting an MBA program, carefully research which courses are offered, including possible elective subjects, and determine if they contribute to the knowledge or specialization you hope to pursue in your career.

    Typically, there are seven types of programs for an MBA in the USA for international students:

    1. Full-time MBA: This is the type of MBA most international students pursue and requires a full course load (usually 60 credit hours).

    2. Part-time MBA: To help you fit your MBA into your daily work schedule, this type of MBA program offers flexibility with class hours. You can attend classes during off-work hours, such as in the evenings or on weekends.

    3. Executive MBA (EMBA): Individuals in upper management seeking to take the next step in their careers can choose to pursue this type of MBA. Executive MBAs focus more on advanced business concepts aimed toward experienced managers and senior executives.

    4. Dual MBA: With this program, you can pursue your MBA while also completing an additional master’s degree in a different field. For example, if you want to work in a management role at an IT company, you can choose to pursue a Dual MBA that combines your master’s of business administration with a master’s in computer science.

    5. Accelerated MBA: These programs are designed to help you complete your MBA faster than a normal MBA, usually in about 15 months. Some programs even allow you to complete it in less than a year, depending on the university offering the program. An accelerated MBA program does not compromise on quality, as it still offers you a full course load.

    6. Global MBA: While this program is similar to a full-time MBA program, there is an increased focus on international business concepts. You will encounter students from all over the world and gain a global perspective.

    7. Online MBA: Online MBA programs give you the flexibility to attend your classes remotely while still experiencing a high-quality program. Many universities offer online options for their existing MBA programs, but are also featured at university-affiliated learning centers.

    Some universities may also offer MBA programs with internship placements at US companies. This will help you develop valuable real-world working experience and learn from industry experts while you study. 

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    What are the requirements to study for an MBA degree in the US?

    The exact MBA requirements in USA for international students will be different depending on the university you attend. Here are a few common requirements:

    • GMAT/GRE scores—To apply for an MBA program, you will have to take the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) or the Graduate Record Examination (GRE). Minimum GMAT/GRE scores to get accepted to the program may differ depending on your MBA program and university.

    • A completed or nearing-completion bachelor’s degree—You must have a four-year bachelor’s degree from an accredited university. Some universities also accept three-year bachelor’s degrees, and may accept qualifications of equal value.

    • Working experience—Many MBA programs require at least two years of professional experience, though this requirement can be different for each university. Additionally, the required number of years of employment may vary, depending on your work history. Some universities might require you to submit your resume and will focus on your roles and accomplishments, rather than the number of years you have worked.

    • English proficiency—MBA universities in the USA for international students may request English language test scores, such as TOEFL or IELTS. You will need to achieve a minimum score (determined by the university) as a mandatory requirement.

    • Letters of recommendation—At least two letters of recommendation may be required from your current or previous employers, managers, supervisors, coordinators, or senior colleagues. If you do not have working experience, these letters can come from a supervisor from an internship or extracurricular activity, or from a professor.

    • Personal statement—Along with your academic and professional qualifications, MBA programs in the USA for international students also require a personal essay. In your written statement, focus on your career goals, personal abilities, and other personal details that relate to the MBA program where you hope to enroll.

    To help you understand the requirements for MBA in the USA for international students, Shorelight provides dedicated international student support services such as US college application help, student visa support, English language assistance, and more.

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    How many years does it take to earn an MBA degree in the US?

    MBA programs in the US typically take two years minimum to complete. This timeframe can differ depending on the university you apply to, as some universities will allow you to complete your program in just one year or less. Online MBA programs and accelerated MBA programs are typically shorter in duration, as they are designed to help you complete your MBA quickly. 

    Keep in mind this duration can change depending your academic performance, participation in an internship, whether the program is thesis or non-thesis based, and how many semesters you are enrolled. The duration can also change if you are pursuing the degree part time, and may span as much as six years, depending on your circumstances. Pursuing a dual MBA or choosing multiple concentrations for your program will usually increase the duration as well.

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    What are some benefits of having an MBA degree?

    MBA degrees build upon the knowledge and experiences you have accumulated from both your bachelor’s and your workplace. The programs deepen your understanding of core business concepts and the business world as a whole. With the flexibility MBA programs offer, you can choose to specialize in the field you want to work in or explore multiple concentrations, giving you access to a wide range of lucrative careers when you graduate. 

    Your MBA program will also refine your skills and develop your professional portfolio with opportunities for internships and co-ops, helping you stand out to prospective employers. The programs also connect you with business experts and top US companies, building your professional network while exploring opportunities for long-term work in the US. 

    Completing your MBA also makes you eligible to apply for Optional Practical Training (OPT). OPT allows you to work at an internship or full-time job in the US for a maximum of 12 months after earning your MBA in the USA for international students.

    Here are some high-paying jobs you can qualify for with an MBA:

    • Accountant

    • Budget analyst

    • Business intelligence analyst

    • Business operations manager

    • Financial analyst

    • Human resources manager

    • Investment banker

    • Logistics manager

    • Marketing manager

    • Operations research analyst

    • Policy analyst

    • Product manager

    • Project manager

    • Purchasing manager

    • Sales manager

    If you want to learn more, Shorelight advisors can help you explore your career prospects with US business degrees.