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Experience cultures from around the world as an international student in a US city! From iconic metropolises like New York City to bustling hubs like Miami, US cities offer so many opportunities for personal and professional growth. Learn more about studying in big cities in the US!

Chicago - World’s Best Cities Report*
Los Angeles - Best Outdoor Activities**
Miami - Most Diverse City in the World***
New York - World’s Best Cities Report*


Ranked #13 in the World’s Best Cities Report (Resonance Consultancy), the city of Chicago is a bustling metropolis known for its cultural diversity and stunning architecture. From its world-class museums, theaters, and art galleries to its thriving music and entertainment scene, Chicago provides a variety of cultural experiences and has something for everyone to enjoy.

Mahima, a student at the University of Illinois Chicago (UIC), shares her love for Chicago, especially its:

  • Diversity

  • Career opportunities

  • Public transit

  • Festivals and events

At UIC, you can benefit from a well-rounded education and live among a close-knit student community while enjoying the best Chicago has to offer.

Los Angeles

Los Angeles provides a flexible and welcoming environment for students to explore, learn, and grow. Here in beautiful southern California, students can access world-class academic opportunities.

Nikolay, currently enrolled at American Collegiate, Los Angeles at UCLA Extension, shares his top picks for why international students should choose to study in Los Angeles:

  • Entertainment

  • Diverse cultures

  • Innovation

Through American Collegiate, LA, you can earn recognized first- and second-year university credits and/or certificates in general studies and your chosen major, then transfer to a new program to finish your degree. Experience life in Los Angeles before heading to another city to study – or stay local and transfer to a top-ranked LA school. (American Collegiate, LA alumni have gone on to study at nearby University of Southern California, for example.)


Miami, often referred to as the “Gateway to the Americas,” provides students with diverse educational opportunities, a vibrant city culture, and plenty of sunny days to enjoy the region’s beautiful beaches and national parks. Ranked #15 in the QS Top Student Cities in the US, Miami presents an ideal environment for students to study, work, and play.

When you choose to study in Miami, you can look forward to a study abroad experience that enhances your personal growth, academics, and professional development. At Florida International University, for example, you can benefit from a supportive learning environment with access to expert faculty, state-of-the-art facilities (like the world’s only undersea lab), and a collaborative student community. Known for top-ranked programs in international business, STEM, and hospitality, the university opens doors to “only in Miami” internships and co-ops, including the world-famous South Beach Wine & Food Festival, among many others.

Paulina at Florida International University shares why she chose to study in Miami:

  • Fun things to do

  • A beautiful setting

  • Diverse population

  • Amazing global cuisines

New York City

Ranked #3 in the World’s Best Cities Report (Resonance Consultancy), New York is home to some of the most prestigious and renowned universities and colleges in the world. From Ivy League institutions like Columbia University to public institutions like the City University of New York system, the Big Apple gives students access to world-class education experiences and a countless variety of academic programs.

Being a major economic center, New York is a hotspot for internship and job prospects in finance, technology, media, fashion, and more. You can also access “only in New York” networking events, career fairs, and connections with industry professionals as you work toward your career goals.

Mariam, a student at Adelphi University, talks about what New York City has offered during her degree program:

  • Diversity

  • Career Opportunities

  • World Cuisines

  • Transportation

From world-class universities to amazing professional prospects, New York offers a transformative study abroad experience that leaves a lasting impact.

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