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Experience cultures from around the world as an international student in a US city! From iconic metropolises like New York City to bustling hubs like Miami, US cities offer so many opportunities for personal and professional growth. Learn more about studying in big cities in the US!

New York City
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New York City

Ranked #3 in the World’s Best Cities Report (Resonance Consultancy), New York is home to some of the most prestigious and renowned universities and colleges in the world. From Ivy League institutions like Columbia University to public institutions like the City University of New York system, the Big Apple gives students access to world-class education experiences and a countless variety of academic programs.

Being a major economic center, New York is a hotspot for internship and job prospects in finance, technology, media, fashion, and more. You can also access “only in New York” networking events, career fairs, and connections with industry professionals as you work toward your career goals.

Mariam, a student at Adelphi University, talks about what New York City has offered during her degree program:

  • Diversity

  • Career Opportunities

  • World Cuisines

  • Transportation

From world-class universities to amazing professional prospects, New York offers a transformative study abroad experience that leaves a lasting impact.


World’s Best Cities Report*
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