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Bachelor Degrees in Economics
Are you interested in earning a degree in economics in the USA? Talk to a Shorelight advisor about top-ranked universities & economics programs for international students.
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What is Economics?

Economics is the study of how societies use scarce resources to produce valuable commodities and distribute them among different people. International students who want to study economics in USA can develop skills in mathematics, analytics, critical thinking, and problem-solving.

Bachelor of economics course list include areas of study like agriculture, natural resources, and the environment, behavioral economics, business economics, economic history, economic development, financial economics, health, and education economics.

median salary for economists (May 2018)
of economists work in government & research sectors
projected job growth by 2028
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Bachelor of Economics Degree FAQs

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    Where can I study economics in the US?

    There are many universities offering economics undergraduate courses in the USA for international students. Shorelight works with top-ranked universities like American University, the University of Illinois Chicago, UMass Boston, and the University of South Carolina.

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    What undergraduate economics courses do colleges offer for international students?

    Students can explore economics courses that cover a wide variety of theories and principles that shape global markets. Studying for a BA in economics in the USA can include:

    • Applied econometrics

    • International trade

    • Macroeconomics

    • Microeconomics

    • Money and financial institutions

    • Statistics

    Check out Shorelight’s academic assistance services for more information about excelling in your bachelor of economics courses.

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    What requirements are needed to study undergraduate economics in the US?

    Typically, the entry requirements to apply for an undergraduate economics degree in the US include a high school diploma or equivalent with a sufficient GPA, SAT or ACT scores, and English language proficiency.

    For a master’s degree in economics, students are required to have a four-year bachelor’s degree in a relevant field of study, and provide GRE scores. However, these requirements may vary depending on the university you attend. When you apply for a degree program in economics at a Shorelight university, you will receive exclusive support services including dedicated application assistance, English language help, a streamlined application process, and more.

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    How many years does it take to earn a bachelor’s degree in economics in the US?

    Typically, economics undergraduate courses in the USA may take four years to complete and a master’s degree in economics usually requires one or two years. However, the duration may vary depending on the degree program and the university you attend.

    There are many pathways to apply for bachelor’s and master’s degree programs. Learn more by visiting bachelor’s degree programs or master’s in economics programs.

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    What can you do with a bachelor’s degree in economics?

    There are many job opportunities for a graduate with a bachelor degree in economics in the USA. Here are some examples.

    • Accountant

    • Actuary

    • Credit analyst

    • Data analyst

    • Economic researcher

    • Economist

    • Financial consultant

    • Financial planner

    • Financial risk analyst

    • Investment analyst

    • Market research analyst

    • Public sector roles

    For more information, please refer to career development and international student services.

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    Which undergraduate degree is best for economics?

    Students can choose to pursue a Bachelor of Arts (BA) or a Bachelor of Science (BS) in economics. A Bachelor of Science is better suited to students who want to learn more about the statistics and mathematical side of the economy, while a Bachelor of Arts focuses on theoretical principles and history of the financial sector. As an economics undergraduate in the USA, you can gain a longer Optional Practical Training (OPT) extension if you opt for a BS in economics compared to a BA economics in the USA. A Shorelight advisor can provide you with support when making a decision about which undergraduate degree is best for you. Connect with a Shorelight advisor.

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    How much does it cost to get a bachelor of economics degree?

    The cost of a bachelor degree in economics in the USA can cost between $16,835 and $49,612, depending on the university, method of study, and more. To learn more about scholarship opportunities, tuition costs, and financial aid for a BA economics in USA, please visit research and resources.

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    Should you get a bachelor’s degree in economics?

    If you want to pursue a career as an economist, investment analyst, or apply for government sector roles, a degree in economics can help you develop relevant and required skill sets. A bachelor degree in economics covers advanced macroeconomic and microeconomic concepts, and offers a deep understanding of how consumer behavior affects different aspects of the money market. You can develop deep critical thinking abilities, communication skills, analytical capabilities, and more with an economics degree.

    The knowledge and skills you gain from an economics degree program can be applied to many industries resulting in a successful career outlook. Please visit academic assistance for more information about how to enroll for a bachelor of economics and become an economics undergraduate in the USA.