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Bachelor of Finance Degrees
Looking to study finance in the USA? Talk to a Shorelight advisor about top-ranked universities & finance programs for international students.
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Finance involves risk and reward, with a focus on individuals, corporations, and institutions and how they make capital-based decisions. Pursuing a finance degree in USA prepares international students for rewarding careers in the financial services sector and to make informed personal financial decisions.

As a finance major, common areas of study include corporate finance, investment banking, commercial banking, asset management, real estate, and personal financial planning.

median salary for financial analysts (May 2015)
projected job openings, 2014-2024
job growth for actuaries through 2026

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Bachelor of Finance Degree FAQs

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    Where can I study finance in the US?

    Many finance universities in the USA offer top-ranked degrees. International students can study finance at top-ranked US universities like American University, Louisiana State University, University of Illinois Chicago, University of Kansas, University of Mississippi, and the University of South Carolina

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    What undergraduate finance courses do colleges offer international students

    Typically, undergraduate finance courses in USA include commercial and investment banking, corporate finance, and asset management. Specialized courses and concentrations cover areas like entrepreneurial finance, finance and technology, financial accounting, personal finance planning, risk management and insurance, and real estate. When applying to finance degree programs, our advisors will help you with developing the best finance degree path, English conversation skills, and more. Learn more by visiting international student academic support.

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    What requirements are needed to study undergraduate finance in the US?

    The entry requirements to apply for a bachelor’s degree in finance in the US include a high school diploma or equivalent with a sufficient GPA, and English language proficiency. However, some universities may have additional requirements. These often include Calculus I or higher-level math.

    To study for a master’s degree in finance, students are required to have completed a four-year bachelor’s degree in a relevant field of study, and provide GMAT or GRE scores. These requirements may vary depending on the university you attend. International students applying to finance degree programs at Shorelight universities in the US will benefit from dedicated application support, streamlined application process, English language help, and more. Please visit university application assistance for more information.

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    How many years does it take to earn a bachelor of finance degree in the US?

    Typically, a bachelor’s degree in finance may take about four years to complete and a master’s degree in finance requires one or two years. However, the duration may vary depending on the degree program and the university you attend. Discover various options to study finance in USA by visiting bachelor’s degree programs and graduate degrees in finance.

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    What can you do with a bachelor of finance degree?

    A bachelor’s degree in finance will provide countless career opportunities, depending on your level of education and area of interest. Careers in finance include: 

    • Chief financial officer

    • Commercial banking

    • Financial planner

    • Hedge fund manager

    • Insurance agent

    • Investment banking

    • Public accounting

    • Real estate agent

    • Venture capitalist

 Please refer to international student services for more information.