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Best Schools for Saudi Arabian Sponsored Students
Discover eligible US degrees for the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques (IMAD) Scholarship program. Shorelight’s world-class universities and support services allow Saudi Arabian sponsored students to pursue their goals and prepare for dynamic careers.
Study in the USA Opportunities for Sponsored Students from Saudi Arabia

At Shorelight, we support a wide range of scholarships available to Saudi students. For a full list, see our FAQs below. This page displays US degree programs eligible for the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques (IMDAD) Scholarship program.

Learn business, finance, entrepreneurship, and more.
Develop your creative and intellectual capabilities for careers in fashion, retail, the arts, technology, and more.
Liberal Arts
Establish a well-rounded knowledge base based on strong critical thinking, communications, and problem-solving skills.
Explore versatile degrees in the natural and technical sciences that qualify graduates for growing careers.
What Is Business?

Business is the sixth-most popular degree choice in Saudi Arabia, with around 31.7% students graduating with this major. Most US business programs offer specializations in accounting, finance, management, marketing, and more, helping students build job-specific skillsets as they work towards a career in their chosen field.

Students can explore a variety of degrees in economics, finance, human resources, information and decision science, information systems, and marketing. A degree in business prepares students for high-demand careers as financial managers, management analysts, business analysts, human resources specialists, sales managers, and more. Students from Saudi Arabia can build interpersonal and workplace skills such as analytical thinking, problem-solving, and teamwork, which can set them up for future career success at competitive global firms.

Pursuing a business degree at a US university gives Saudi Arabian students the chance to gain highly transferable business skills and learn how to work with leading global teams on innovative projects and business ventures. Take a look at Shorelight’s top university options for business degrees!

Shorelight Universities Offering Business-related Degrees Approved for the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques (IMDAD) Scholarship Program


  • University of Texas at San Antonio


  • University of Illinois Chicago

  • University of Utah


  • University of South Carolina


  • University of Illinois Chicago


  • University of South Carolina


  • University of South Carolina

among the world’s largest economies - Saudi Arabia
$3.5 billion
US investment in Saudi Arabian enterprises
ranking for entrepreneurship - Saudi Arabia
1 / 2
Two male college students sit across from a female college student sitting on a long table in front of a camera and a laptop at the University of Utah Lassonde Center

It is the perfect combination between academic- and application-focused learning, and it acts as an accelerator for new startups.

Tarek, Master of Business Creation (MBC)University of Utah
Four students from the University of South Carolina pose and hold their winning certificate from the Darla Moore School of Business Annual Sales Competition

After coming to USC and joining Carolina Sales Club, I realized that my skills and talents fit well with the sales role.

Yehor, International Business and Economics major, UkraineUniversity of South Carolina
Students greet each other
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FAQs for Best Schools for Saudi Arabian Sponsored Students

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    Which sponsors work with Shorelight?

    Shorelight collaborates with a wide range of sponsors in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, providing flexible and customized services, and tailoring the admission process and documentation to meet the specific requirements of each sponsor. Saudi sponsorship organizations we support include:

    • Saudi Arabian Cultural Mission (SACM) for Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques (IMDAD) Scholarship program

    • Aramco

    • Neom

    • Raudh

    • Alahula

    • Ministry of Defense

    • Ministry of Interior

    • The National Guard

    • Ministry of Education (for teachers)

    • Ministry of Housing (for employees)

    • Ministry of Energy (for employees who are working in the ministry)

    • Ministry of Health / Almuda Altabyah

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    Does Shorelight provide regular academic reports?

    Yes, Shorelight provides comprehensive academic reporting to sponsors. Sponsors can receive reports each term, detailing their student’s academic progress and performance as well as a final year-end report which includes information on their progress at university. These reports are an essential part of Shorelight’s commitment to keeping sponsors informed and engaged in the student’s educational journey. They offer valuable insights into the student’s academic achievements and areas for improvement, ensuring transparency and alignment with the sponsor’s expectations.

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    What types of programs does Shorelight offer sponsored students?

    Shorelight offers a comprehensive range of programs for both undergraduate and postgraduate students, including Direct Entry and Accelerator Programs. These programs are available across Shorelight’s extensive network of universities. The Direct Entry program is designed for students who meet the university’s standard admission requirements and wish to enroll directly in their chosen course of study. Accelerator Programs, however, are tailored for students who may benefit from additional academic, language, and cultural support to succeed in a US university environment. The variety of Shorelight’s program options ensures that the diverse academic needs and goals of sponsored students are met effectively.

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    Does Shorelight offer English support for students who do not meet the English requirement?

    Yes, Shorelight provides English language support through a comprehensive Academic English program. This program is intended for students whose English proficiency does not yet reach the university’s standards. Students are placed in a specific program level depending on their placement test scores. As the program is held within the university, students may immerse themselves in the academic environment while enhancing their English skills. Once students have completed the Academic English program’s progression requirements, they can proceed with their desired degree program. Students receive an offer letter saying that they have been accepted into the Academic English program and that they will be able to continue to their degree once completed.

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    Which documents should students submit in order to receive an offer?

    Undergraduate Students:

    • Passport

    • School transcripts: Three or four years worth of school transcripts, depending on the specific requirements of the university.

    • English level certificate: Proof of the student’s proficiency in English, demonstrated through a standardized English language test score.

    Postgraduate Students:

    • Passport

    • University transcripts or bachelor's degree: Transcripts from the student’s undergraduate studies or a copy of their bachelor's degree.

    • English level certificate: A certificate demonstrating English proficiency.

    • Additional documents: May include letters of recommendation, a motivation letter, and the student’s CV to support the application.

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    How do I find country-specific entry requirements?

    To locate country-specific entry requirements, visit Shorelight.com and use the search feature for undergraduate and graduate degree programs. On the Admissions tab, you can select your country to see GPA and English requirements for students. Detailed information is also available on each university’s program site (accessible via Shorelight.com).

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    Can sponsored students request to live off campus?

    Yes, sponsored students are exempt from the requirement of having to live on campus. This requirement will be automatically waived for them, allowing them the flexibility to choose off-campus living arrangements if they prefer. This policy provides sponsored students with additional options to suit their and their sponsor’s personal preferences.

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    How do I request an Academic English and degree offer letter for my sponsored students?

    To request an Academic English and degree offer letter for your sponsored students, please follow these steps:

    • Application submission: Begin by completing the application for your sponsored student via Shorelight’s Admissions portal. Ensure all required sections are filled out, clearly indicating the student’s sponsored status.

    • Select the intake date: During the application process, it’s important to choose the correct intake date that aligns with when the student intends to start their Academic English program on campus.

    • Contact the recruitment team: After submitting the application, reach out to the recruitment team at Shorelight. Inform them that the application has been submitted and specify that the student wishes to enroll in the Academic English program, followed by their degree program.

    To request an I-20 for sponsored students, follow these steps:

    • Submit required documents: You will need to complete and submit the I-20 request form. Along with this form, a Certification of Finances form must be submitted.

    • Provide Financial Guarantee (FG): The FG document, which serves as proof of financial support for the student, should be provided alongside the above-mentioned forms.

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    Where will the I-20 document be sent?

    The I-20 document is typically sent directly to the student’s email address. It’s important to ensure that the student’s email address provided during the application process is accurate.

    Some universities may use a different system for I-20 distribution. In such cases, the university will communicate the specific process for obtaining the I-20 to the student via email. This email will include detailed instructions on how to request and access their I-20 through the university’s internal system.

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    How can sponsored students change their major or program of study?

    Sponsored students must consult with their academic advisor and get approval from their sponsor to change their major or program. After approval, they can request a new offer letter from the admissions or recruitment team.