Shorelight advisors guide you through a simplified college application process with fast turnaround for admissions decisions. Let us help you take the stress and confusion out of the college admissions process.

Premium Admissions Services

Our expert enrollment counselors and advisors provide hands-on guidance customized to your individual requirements at every step of the college admissions process.

  • Comprehensive Application Review — Our admissions team will review and recheck all components of your application for accuracy and completeness upon submission.

  • Localized Entry Requirements — Shorelight representatives can translate your GPA to your destination school’s equivalent.

  • Rapid Admissions Turnaround — Receive a response to your application within five days.*

  • Transfer Services** — Shorelight transfer experts and counselors offer personalized guidance and recommendations for enrolling in and transferring credits to and from universities.

  • Timeline Management — Never miss a deadline with guidance, reminders, and checks from Shorelight admissions counselors.

*Postgraduate response turnaround may be longer.

**Varies by school

Standard Admissions Services

Take the first step toward your higher education experience in the US.

  • Application Review — Our advisors review your documents to ensure your university application is complete upon submission.

  • Localized Entry Requirements — Shorelight representatives can translate your GPA to your destination schools equivalent.

  • Admissions Turnaround — We have negotiated international-friendly admissions turnaround timelines.

Financial Services

At Shorelight, we have more than a decade of experience in helping international students secure financing for their degree programs. We collaborate with trusted financial aid providers that cater to international students’ unique needs, so students can focus on their academics and career plans without distraction or delay.

When you opt for education financing through Shorelight’s loan providers, MPower Financing, Prodigy, and Fly Finance, our dedicated student success coordinators work with you every step of the way, offering assistance in preparing your application, disbursing funds to your destination university, and everything in between.

Take a closer look at our financing options for international students and reach out to an advisor to get personalized guidance on which best align with your goals.

International Student Loans

Embarking on your educational journey in the United States shouldn’t come with the roadblock of finding a co-signer for financial aid. Shorelight recognizes this hurdle and has proactively partnered with premier financing organizations such as Fly Finance, MPower Financing, and Prodigy Finance. This strategic collaboration eliminates the traditional barriers international students face, such as the need for a co-signer, collateral, or an established US credit history, streamlining your path to securing educational funding.

  • MPower Financing – International students who are within two years of graduating from one of MPower’s 350+ participating universities and colleges may apply for a 10-year fixed-rate loan. Click here to apply today.

  • Prodigy Finance – International students in eligible countries studying at one of Prodigy’s 850+ schools may apply for 7, 10, 15, or 20-year loans, with offer decisions typically sent within two business days. Click here to submit your application.

  • Fly Finance – International students can access affordable and collateral-free education loans through Fly Finance's extensive network of 15+ lending partners. Click here to apply.

Have questions about Shorelight’s student loan services? Reach out to an advisor for personalized guidance. Get in touch >

*Not providing collateral, cosigner, or credit history may result in higher interest rates than the industry average. Speak to your Shorelight advisor for full details.

Ask an Advisor

Our education counselors help every step of the way, from application to arrival, at no additional cost to you.

  • Advice & research
  • Application & visa help
  • Pre-arrival info
  • No application fee

International Student 
Admissions FAQs

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    What is college admission assistance?

    College admission assistance helps international students apply to US higher education institutions. Through college admission assistance services, learn more about US universities, college application requirements, how you can prepare to apply, and seek guidance from an advisor at any stage of the application process.

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    How does Shorelight help with college applications?

    Your personal enrollment advisor supports you through every step of the application process. They will help you research university options, select your degree major, decide which English and standardized tests you need to take, help you prepare an application checklist, and more.

    You can also work together and explore your options for financial aid and review your application. They will also help you finalize your enrollment, and advise you on the required information and documentation you need.

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    What is the college application process like for international students?

    US universities and colleges require international students to provide different types of documents and paperwork with their international college application. Shorelight enrollment advisors know the application requirements for each university and will help gather important paperwork such as school transcripts, test scores, and bank statements. 

    With your advisor’s help, you can begin preparing your applications early and submit your required documents to universities and colleges on time.

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    How do international students choose a US college?

    When choosing the ideal US university or college to study, consider your interests and goals. Your dedicated Shorelight advisor works closely with you and helps you research universities and programs that will help you grow and thrive as you work toward your dream school and/or academic plan.

    Programs at Shorelight universities are designed especially for international students. Your advisor will help you choose universities that offer opportunities to conduct research with the support of expert professors, connect with industry professionals in the US, and gain real-world working experience.

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    Should international students apply to multiple colleges?

    Applying to multiple colleges and universities gives you several options when you start receiving admission offers. Additionally, each college and university can only receive a limited number of students. By applying to multiple institutions, you can improve your chances of securing a place at a university of your choice and starting your degree on time.

    US universities and colleges also offer different types of financial aid, including scholarships. When you receive multiple admission offers from institutions you have applied to, you can compare financial aid options to narrow your options further. The average university acceptance rate for international students is 45%, but some institutions accept up to 99% of international applications!

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    Does Shorelight provide student loans to international students?

    Our financial aid servicers offer flexible student loan plans without the typical conditions facing a college student: This means no cosigner, collateral, or US credit history required.* International students enrolled at eligible US colleges and universities are invited to apply for fixed-rate loans up to $100,000 with 1.5% in interest rate discounts.

    Learn more and start a loan application here.

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    How does Shorelight support international students?

    Shorelight offers dedicated support to international students in the US by providing services including:

    • Choosing the right program and major for your goals

    • Obtaining your F-1 student visa

    • Support for improving your English skills

    • Transitioning to US campus life

    • Exploring your career paths and opportunities to grow professionally

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    What other services does Shorelight offer?

    Shorelight offers a range of services designed for international students, including: