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Health Care, Nursing, & Pre-Medical Degrees
For international students interested in health care careers, there are many paths beyond traditional medicine. Whether your role is in research, administration, or public health, you can pursue your passion, earn a competitive salary, and make an impact.
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Health Care & Medical Degrees

Explore a diverse range of health care and medical degrees available at Shorelight universities. From nursing and pharmacy to public health and health care administration, our programs will get you closer to your career goals.

Nursing & Pre-Nursing Degrees
Discover US nursing and pre-nursing degrees that build comprehensive skills, ensuring you’ll face real-world health care challenges with confidence.
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Pharmaceutical & Pre-Pharm Studies
Learn the skills to succeed as a pharmacist, clinical researcher, laboratory technician, and other growing roles in the pharmaceutical industry.
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Health Care Management & Administration
Explore degrees that cover US health care systems, finance, law, and more, preparing you for management and administrative roles.
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Dental & Pre-Dental Degrees
Learn how to become a dentist in the US and explore programs designed to equip you with the skills needed to excel in a dental career.
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Sports Medicine & Kinesiology
Build your understanding of the human body’s movement and functions with specialized degrees for students who want to pursue careers that combine sports and medicine.
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Biomedical Sciences & Engineering
Develop your knowledge in biology, medicine, and engineering to gain the skills you need to build a career in health care technology and biomedical research.
Nursing & Pre-Nursing Degrees

Explore nursing and pre-nursing degrees at US universities, designed to help international students build a comprehensive skill set and deep understanding of health care practices. Develop critical thinking abilities, effective communication skills, and cultural competencies needed for patient care. Learn how to master clinical techniques, understand health care ethics and policies, and gain hands-on experience in diverse health care settings that will prepare you to handle real-world challenges confidently. With a focus on evidence-based practice, interdisciplinary collaboration, and cultural competence, these programs will support you in becoming a compassionate and skilled nurse.

#31 (tie)
Bachelor of Science in Nursing - University at Buffalo and University of Central Florida (U.S. News & World Report)
Top 13%
Undergraduate Nursing Program - Gonzaga University (U.S. News & World Report)
Within 6 months of graduation
majority of nursing graduates receive job offers from health care employers – Auburn University
1 / 3

I’m so overwhelmed with gratitude that I get to do this. I would not trade it for anything.

Peace, Nursing, NigeriaAuburn University
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If you want to have that kind of [one-on-one] experience, Shenandoah University is the right place to be.

Anna, Business Administration and Management, AustriaShenandoah University
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I love Caroll. The first time I visited it I felt this connection with the faculty and the students, and I knew this is where I would feel most wanted and appreciated.

Emina, Biology, BosniaCarroll University
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Frequently Asked Questions for Health Care and Nursing Degrees

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    Is a health care degree good for international students?

    Pursuing a health care degree in the US can be a great choice for international students. Health care experts are valued across the world, qualifying for many career opportunities that make a meaningful impact on people’s lives. For students aiming to build a strong foundation in health care, US universities offer high-quality degree programs, cutting-edge research opportunities, and access to the latest in advanced medical technology.

    Additionally, with the growing demand for health care professionals worldwide, having a degree from a top-ranked US university can improve a student’s employability and career prospects.

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    What health care careers can international students pursue in the USA?

    International students in the US can pursue a variety of rewarding health care careers, including:

    • Dental hygienist

    • Health information technician

    • Medical laboratory technician

    • Occupational therapist

    • Pharmacist

    • Physical therapist

    • Radiologic technologist

    • Registered nurse (RN)

    Each of these careers offer unique opportunities for students to help others, work in diverse environments, and grow their skills.

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    Are there health care degrees in the US that are not pre-med or medical degrees?

    Yes, there are many options to earn degrees that qualify for health care careers that are not specifically pre-med or medical degrees. Here are several degree possibilities at US universities that can qualify graduates for roles in health care:

    • Bachelor of science in biomedical engineering

    • Bachelor of science in molecular microbiology

    • Bachelor of science in health care administration

    • Bachelor of science in public health

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    Are pre-medical degrees useful for international students?

    Pre-med degrees provide a strong foundation in the sciences and help build critical thinking and problem-solving skills necessary for medical school. If you do not plan to apply to medical school, the coursework completed during a pre-med program can open doors to other health care-related fields and advanced studies, such as:

    • Biomedical research

    • Dentistry

    • Health care administration

    • Pharmacy

    • Public health

    A pre-med background can also demonstrate your dedication to working in health care, making you a competitive candidate for positions in health care administration, clinical research, and public health as well as graduate programs in pharmacy, dentistry, or veterinary medicine.

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    What are nursing career opportunities?

    Nursing offers a wide range of career opportunities, allowing professionals to work in versatile and rewarding fields including hospitals, clinics, and schools. Some of the many career paths you can consider with a nursing degree include:

    • Community health nurse

    • Home health nurse

    • Hospital nurse

    • Nurse educator

    • Nurse practitioner

    • Nurse researcher

    • School nurse

    • Travel nurse

    Each of these roles offer unique opportunities to specialize, advance, and make a significant impact on patient care and the health care system.