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Transfer Friendly Schools
Discover Shorelight’s transfer-friendly universities looking to enroll international students like you.
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Transfer Friendly Schools

It’s never been easier to transfer to a better-fit university and benefit from personalized support, recognized credits, and more.

Transfer Direct
Transfer Direct schools provide easy, seamless credit recognition and enrollment.
Transfer Friendly Schools
Transfer Friendly schools
Transfer Direct

Shorelight’s Transfer Direct services provide international students with a streamlined way to transfer universities. Students benefit from faster credit assessment, personalized support, and customized curriculum.

Students benefit from personalized support every step of the way, no matter where they are located. Transfer Direct counselors guide students in transitioning to a new academic environment, and put you on a fast track toward earning a US university degree.

It’s as simple as:

  1. Complete an application and submit post-secondary transcripts from all institutions previously attended.

  2. Your Transfer Direct counselor will review the information and provide a Preliminary Credit Assessment outlining the coursework that is estimated to be transferable to schools where an application was submitted.

  3. Accept an offer, submit all final, official postsecondary transcripts, and your counselor will help you register for new courses at your chosen school!

3 out of 4
students who applied to Transfer Direct schools successfully transferred 75% or more of their previous post-secondary credits earned.
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Whether you have postsecondary credit from China, Ecuador, or anywhere in between, we can help you find the best-fit university and your quickest path to graduation.

Courtney SchneiderShorelight Transfer Direct
16:9 ratio

I transferred to Adelphi. My major is psychology, my teachers are very dedicated. Campus is excellent, with many clubs. In the dorms, everyone helps each other like a big family.

Hao (Tom)Adelphi University

Transferring allowed me to embrace change and adapt to new experiences. It opened doors to opportunities and friendships, giving me a broader perspective on my personal growth.

Sylar LiuShorelight Student Community Coordinator
UOP logo with 16:9 ratio

[With Transfer Direct,] there was a much higher chance of [keeping] more credits [at UOP] than other universities….Transfer students save time and money – and may graduate early!

Naseem, Business Analytics majorUniversity of the Pacific.
Ask an Advisor

Our education counselors help every step of the way, from application to arrival, at no additional cost to you.

  • Advice & research
  • Application & visa help
  • Pre-arrival info
  • No application fee

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Transferring Universities

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    What is a transfer credit?

    A transfer credit is a university credit or college credit earned at one school that is then sent to and accepted by a different school. For example, Sayid earned transfer credits through the classes he took at American Collegiate Live, which were then applied toward his bachelor degree program at Cleveland State University.

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    What is a Preliminary Credit Assessment?

    A Preliminary Credit Assessment is an unofficial review of your postsecondary coursework completed during the admission process. It identifies the courses that are likely to transfer and how many estimated credits you are likely to receive. The assessment can be completed based upon unofficial transcripts, including ungraded in-progress coursework. Applicants will receive their Preliminary Credit Assessment within one week of receiving their conditional offer letter. You may be asked to submit additional documentation to officially recognize your credits.

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    How do I send my official transcripts?

    • By mail: Transcripts must be mailed in a secured, sealed envelope.

    • By email or electronic delivery service: Transcripts must be sent directly from the sending institution with an authorized email address or through a secure third-party transcript processing organization.

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    What are the different types of transfer credits I could receive?

    The different types of transfer credits that may be accepted include:

    1. Direct equivalency: This means that the credit matches directly with a university class and you will receive credit for that class.

    2. General transfer credit: The university recognizes the credit as a college class, but it does not match a specific university course. General transfer credits will be awarded.

    3. No credit: The university does not recognize the credit.

    Please note a transferable credit does not necessarily mean it is applicable toward your program requirements. Some credits may transfer in as general electives that could count toward meeting the graduation credit hour requirement.

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    Will my AP, IB, A/AS-Levels, etc. be accepted for transfer credit?

    Students must show proficiency by earning the minimum accepted score for AP, IB, and A/AS-Levels. Exam subjects accepted and minimum score requirements for AP, IB, and A/AS-Levels vary by school.

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    How do I order my AP, IB, or A/AS scores?

    You can order your scores to be sent directly to the university:

    • Order your AP exams here.

    • Order your IB results here.

    • Order your A/AS scores here.

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    How do I register for classes?

    With your transfer credits in mind, the university team will support you in selecting courses and registering for classes to ensure accurate coursework planning and that you stay on track for graduation.

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    Do I have to attend orientation?

    Although you have already taken college coursework, we believe orientation is critical for your transition to campus. Be sure to mark your calendar for our arrival day so you can attend orientation and get your classes scheduled on time.

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    Which schools are Transfer Direct?

    The following Shorelight universities participate in Transfer Direct:

    • Adelphi University

    • Cleveland State University

    • Gonzaga University

    • Louisiana State University

    • University of Dayton

    • University of Nevada, Reno

    • University of the Pacific

    • University of Wyoming

    While not officially offering the “Transfer Direct” program, all the schools listed on our “Transfer Friendly” page have develop credit transfer options that are designed for simple and successful international student transfers. Reach out to learn more!