Shorelight Education creates life-changing experiences for students worldwide.

We partner with top U.S. universities to expand their reach far beyond the traditional campus and help talented international students thrive, graduate, and become successful, globally-minded alumni.



Shorelight partners with ambitious universities to drive institutional growth, create new sources of revenue, and expand options for students seeking the next-generation higher education experience.

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Tom Dretler Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer

“Our focus is on helping students to realize their dreams. We never have to toggle between mission and margin. Our business model is linked directly to student outcomes.”


With exclusive access to critical data from unique sources worldwide, Shorelight offers accurate, customizable views on market and student behavior.

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We are passionate change-makers who think entrepreneurially and collaboratively, drawn together by our vision to reinvent the international education experience.

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Shorelight Education is reinventing the international education experience for both students and universities. In partnership with leading U.S. institutions, we build innovative degree programs — whether on campus or cloud-based, in the United States or students’ home countries — that help students thrive and create a new generation of successful, globally-minded alumni.

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We look for passionate change-makers who are entrepreneurial and inspired.

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