Shorelight creates life-changing experiences for international learners.

We help talented students around the world thrive, graduate, and become successful, globally-minded alumni.


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Shorelight creates extraordinary opportunities for students, universities, and counselors from all over the world. Together, we’re changing the face of higher education in the United States for international students.


Personalized Support

Shorelight provides customized support and services to learners throughout the world. Our enrollment expertise and global recruiting focus helps universities and counselors reach students in key international markets.


Yuhan - China University of Kansas

“With the University of Kansas AAP program, I could learn English and also take classes at the University at the same time, instead of having to wait to take classes until my English was better.”


Shorelight works closely with skilled recruitment counselors throughout the world. Our regional team leaders provide exceptional support to students in more than 113 countries.


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