Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) at Shorelight is woven into the fabric of our corporate strategy and mission to Educate the World. Comprised of a committee of dedicated team members, Employee Resource Groups (ERGs), and senior leadership, DEI creates strategic accountability and a dedicated focus on ensuring every stakeholder feels welcome, respected, and valued.
Who We Are
Our DEI subcommittees and affinity groups empower employees to create a welcoming, respectful, and supportive cross-cultural work environment.
Curriculum & Awareness
Supports an inclusive workplace through trainings and resources to help bring awareness of DEI issues to all stakeholders.
Education & Engagement
Promotes the annual Shorelight DEI survey and ongoing ERG initiatives to foster greater employee awareness and participation across the business.
Hiring, Retention, & Advancement
Advances equitable and inclusive practices throughout the organization, leading to a diverse and empowered workforce.

Our Student Impact

A smiling male international student in a red plaid shirt sits across from a female interviewer during a student visa interview.

Student Ambassadors

Enrolled international students address the unique needs of prospective students across our campuses, through the application process and into the first year.
Three international students, two female students, and one male interacting with each other at orientation.

Pre-Arrival Counseling & Orientations

International students receive travel, cultural, and social support so they are prepared to succeed — in class and beyond — once on campus.
A diverse group of five international students stand in a field and hold flags from Italy, the USA, the UK, and Brazil.

International Education Week (IEW)

Held annually in November, International Education Week celebrates the many values and benefits of bringing culturally diverse perspectives to US university campuses.

Our Goals

Shorelight aims to incorporate DEI principles across the organization. Our ongoing efforts are primarily achieved through:


Inform stakeholders of DEI related activities in a timely, consistent, and engaging way.

Business Impact & Influence

Provide actionable insights that grow our business and create a community of trust.

Geo & Ethnocentric Strategy

Identify regional representatives to promote DEI strategy.

Resources & Training

Develop DEI-focused trainings to enrich internal and external stakeholders.

Our People

Get to know Shorelight’s employees around the world.
Bianca Gardim, talent management partner for Shorelight, stands in front of a wall of graduation caps at Shorelight HQ and smiles for the camera.

Bianca Gardim

A passionate advocate for employee recognition and appreciation, Bianca Gardim is a talent management partner in Shorelights HR department, and she also serves as DEI co-chair and New Moms ERG chair. Originally from Brazil and having lived in seven countries, she now calls Barcelona, Spain home.

Yi Wang, student services director at Auburn Global at Auburn University, smiles for the camera while wearing a mustard-colored shirt.

Yi Wang

Yi, co-chair of Shorelight’s AAPI Employee Resource Group, was born and raised in China, then came to the US to pursue her master’s in TESOL. She joined Shorelight in 2016 as a student services advisor and was promoted several times within her tenure to become the student services director at Auburn Global.

Nate Prior, academic coordinator for UDayton Global and chair of the Shorelight neurodiversity ERG, smiles for the camera.

Nate Prior

Nate has held multiple roles at Shorelight since 2019 and has been supporting international students as the academic coordinator as UDayton Global since late 2021. He also chairs the Neurodiversity ERG, an inclusive community that affirms, celebrates, and promotes neurodiversity in all its forms.