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Build Your Future with a STEM Degree
Talk to a Shorelight advisor about top-ranked schools and STEM degree programs for international students.
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In-demand skills, high earnings, and career flexibility start with STEM programs

Are you looking to study at a university in the US? Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) programs offer skills that will qualify you for lucrative, high-growth careers and put you in demand with top employers around the world. And the best news: Shorelight schools are eager to enroll international students looking to pursue STEM programs.

Looking Beyond Computer Science…

Many students automatically think STEM = computer science. But that’s just the start! There are so many amazing fields – and careers – that can be categorized as STEM (and also qualify for extended OPT). Check out a few STEM degree program possibilities for international students and get inspired. Reach out to a Shorelight counselor at any time to learn more and get personalized recommendations for which STEM programs are the best fit for you!

  • Aeronautical engineering: Learn how to design, build, test, and analyze military and/or commercial aircraft and aircraft parts with an aeronautical engineering degree. Learn more >

  • Artificial intelligence (AI): Combine technology and engineering to create automated software with human-like intelligence. Programs focus on coding, algorithms, data analysis, machine learning, and robotics. Learn more >

  • Civil engineering: Shape the landscape of cities and countries, often through infrastructure, by studying how to build and maintain roads, bridges, dams, airports, and more. Learn more >

  • Cyber security: Protect sensitive information online – and find work in nearly every industry – by learning how to protect applications, networks, and operations; create and implement user education security plans; and recover from disasters. Learn more >

  • Information systems management: Study the theories behind computer science and information technology, combined with management and business, to earn a degree that focuses on the connected relationships between people, technology, and organizations. Learn more >

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median salary for IT managers (2021)
projected job growth by 2028
tech companies founded per year that reach $100MM in revenue
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There’s more than one thing [to] explore, and definitely more than one way to get to the career you want.

AngelaUniversity of the Pacific ’20, Media X degree

There is a need in Dayton for STEM students. There’s a skills gap with lots of large organizations missing STEM talent.

Brittany Chill, assistant directorShorelight Career Services

With my degree, I’d like to be able to bring about large-scale change to this world. A chemical engineer can work in any field.

Sai, IndiaUniversity of Utah, Chemical Engineering
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    What is considered a STEM degree?

    A STEM degree is any degree program that can be categorized as science, technology, engineering, or math, offering courses that provide the foundational skills and knowledge in each respective field. 

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    What prerequisites will I need in order to pursue a STEM undergraduate degree?

    STEM undergraduate degrees typically require a high school diploma or equivalent, often with relevant course curriculum (e.g., four years of mathematics or science) preferred. 

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    What are the benefits of a STEM education?

    STEM degrees are rigorous, versatile, and lucrative, offering diverse, in-demand skillsets that are well equipped to address the globe’s most pressing challenges. Additionally, STEM careers are expected to grow faster than other global sectors in the decade to come, offering growth, stability, and flexibility across all industries and regions. 

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    What is a STEM job?

    A STEM job encompasses some element of science, technology, engineering, or math in the role itself, the employer organization, or both. Examples of a STEM job include a physics instructor at a private university, a data security specialist at a global nonprofit, an app developer for a startup company, and an aerospace engineer at a federal space agency, among many others. 

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    Do all STEM majors require math?

    Most STEM majors require a fundamental understanding of mathematics, particularly in foundational courses over the first two years of study. Specific degree program requirements will vary by specialization; for example, a marine biology major will likely have different math requirements and courses compared to an aerospace engineering major.