How a UIC Finance Major Landed an Internship with Amex Careers

University of Illinois at Chicago
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By Shorelight Team
Last updated on August 3, 2023

Meet Indian international student Adit, a UIC finance major who secured internships at both Amex Careers and Ernst & Young—with a little help from Shorelight’s Career Accelerator Program.

AditIndiaUniversity of Illinois at Chicago

Adit, a University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) Finance & Accounting major

At the University of Illinois Chicago (UIC), part of the path to a successful future is combining education with professional development — which is why Adit, a UIC finance major, came all the way from India to study and grow his career here. Since arriving in the US, he has landed two internships: one at Ernst & Young, and another through the Amex careers internship program

As an undergraduate student, Adit is gaining professional experience related to his interests in portfolio management, transaction advisory, and investment banking. Shorelight’s Career Accelerator Program (CAP) has helped him develop the skills needed to succeed professionally as he earns a UIC finance degree

Traveling 12,000 miles to the United States for college was one of the biggest decisions I have ever made. It has been a memorable journey so far.”– Adit, UIC finance major

He recently shared his experiences at UIC, American Express, and Ernst & Young in an email interview. 

Q: How Did You Decide to Become a UIC International Student?

Adit: I think of UIC as a superior academic institution that supports the development of all its diverse students. I came to the UIC finance department to develop skills for a career in investment banking and have had the opportunity to explore areas of finance during my time here. 

Q: How Did the Career Accelerator Help You Develop Professional Skills?

Adit: My CAP advisor and mentor, Gabriel Fig, has been my go-to resource at UIC. Whenever I need advice about professional opportunities, [he] would always share valuable insights and help me along the way. He carefully reviewed my resume and applications to make sure I secured the positions I was interested in. 

Q: Tell Us About Your Internship at Ernst & Young.

Adit: [For] an accounting major, Ernst & Young is one of the best companies to gain essential experience in the field of taxation and audit. As a Transfer Pricing Summer Analyst, I was exposed to opportunities I have never imagined. I partnered with other interns to conduct margin computation, revenue analysis, and working capital adjustments for legal compliance and growth potential. Towards the end of my internship, I was able to formulate industry reports with valuations, forecasts, and outlooks using external and internal resources for clients in the IT-enabled service and insurance industries. 

Whenever I need advice about professional opportunities, [my CAP advisor] would always share valuable insights and help me along the way.” – Adit, UIC finance major

Q: What Is Your American Express Internship Role Like?

Adit: I am working in their Global Commercial Services [department] as a Commercial Insights Analyst. My responsibilities include leading a research project and designing solutions to increase compliance, formulating a savings plan for the Global Consumer Group, and recommending changes in the analysis model by integrating system applications. My work is well-recognized by leadership.

I was exposed to opportunities I have never imagined.” – Adit, UIC finance major 

Q: How Did You Find Your Job? Tell Us about the Application and Interview Process to Get an American Express Job Offer.

Adit: I had to go through multiple rounds of interviews for both internships. It was a combination of behavioral and technical questions, since they wanted an idea of who I am as a person, and what skills I possess that would make me an asset to their team. It was imperative that I market myself well to make sure they saw me as an ideal candidate who had [the] necessary skills and experience. It is usually a month-long process and it is important to not give up in the middle.  

Q: What Skills Are You Gaining Back on Campus that Will Help You Reach Your Career Goals?

Adit: Since Fall 2019, I’ve served as VP of Communications at UIC Flames Consulting Group. I was given the opportunity to develop leadership skills and gain essential experience of working towards establishing a new student organization on campus as their youngest office holder.

Nothing is impossible.” – Adit, UIC finance major 

Q: How Do You Network and Build Professional Connections?

Adit: The University of Illinois Chicago alumni help a lot and are happy to help you explore different opportunities. I try my best to remain in constant touch with alumni and UIC finance faculty with whom I have been able to develop relationships.

Q: What Advice Do You Have for Other Students on How to Get a Job?

Adit: Make sure your LinkedIn profile is updated frequently, since it is a great way for companies to reach out to potential candidates for their open positions. Always remember why you decided to come to college in the United States. Dedication and commitment are key when you are dealing with your academic course load and working towards building your career. It is imperative that you reach out to people who have experience in the industry you want [to] pursue a career in. Nothing is impossible.

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