Shorelight helps international students attend top universities in the U.S.
Shorelight helps international students attend top universities in the U.S.

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CAP Premier Offers Virtual Internships for International Graduate Students

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Last updated on September 1, 2020

Get a head start on your future career with top employers—and work remotely from anywhere in the world.

An international student wearing headphones sits across from a monitor to participate in a videoconference at his virtual externship program

With employers around the world prioritizing social distancing and remote work policies, graduate students may be wondering if their professional development options are limited while enrolled at university. In response, Shorelight is pleased to announce the launch of CAP Premier, a virtual internship program designed to help international graduate students apply for remote internships from top US companies and build real-life work experience for their resumes.

International graduate students, you can now apply for eight-week virtual internship opportunities starting in September and prepare for the global workforce from anywhere in the world. Get mentored by industry experts and build your resume to launch your dream career. Read on to find out more about how CAP Premier can help you get a head start on your future career!

What is CAP Premier? 

As an add-on program to our Career Accelerator Program (CAP), CAP Premier enables students to take additional CAP courses, attend exclusive training workshops, and apply for eight-week virtual internship opportunities.

Throughout the eight-week internship, you will complete milestones like work projects and  presentations, and have check-ins with your employer for direct feedback and guidance. Upon successfully completing the program, you can add a recommendation letter and certificate of completion, signed by the employer, to your portfolio.

Plus, you are still eligible for the full duration of OPT and CPT once you arrive in the US!

[CAP Premier] is incredibly valuable. I’ve learned how to connect with potential interviewers, how to ask the right questions, and how to better utilize my own school resources.”—Rebecca, hired at Goldman Sachs

How does the CAP Premier program work?

There are three key components to CAP Premier:

  1. Training: Attend online professional bootcamps before your virtual internship starts. Gain hands-on experience once you officially begin by contributing to projects alongside industry experts.

  2. Coaching and mentorship: Receive direct guidance from career coaches and industry experts on career exploration, skill training, and professional development.

  3. Applying: Work on real-life projects from leading US companies and build your portfolio. Leverage your new skills, experience, and professional network to land your dream job.

What type of internship opportunities are available?

With CAP Premier, you can explore entry-level work in a variety of industries including banking, business analytics, data science, digital marketing, finance, fundraising and foundation research, gaming, marketing, real estate technology, social media market intelligence, and venture capital. 

With CAP Premier, you will benefit from: 

  • Industry-specific skills training and real-life work experiences at growing companies

  • Mentorship from industry experts

  • Remote work skills training including skills in software/platforms

  • Cross-cultural competencies development and high-touch Career Accelerator curriculum

  • Global networking opportunities, including access to exclusive employer events and valuable contacts for interview opportunities at top-performing companies

The tutors are resourceful, and they really helped me while I was applying for internships. I certainly believe I will find a job after graduation.”—Shelley, hired at Tesla

With CAP Premier, international graduate students can learn industry-specific skills and gain real-world experience for their resumes from anywhere in the world. Our students have been hired at Google, Microsoft, Deloitte, Goldman Sachs, Tesla, and PricewaterhouseCoopers! 

So… where will you work this fall?

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