University of South Carolina International Career Accelerator Awarded Progressive Education Delivery Award

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By Shorelight Team
Last updated on September 10, 2018

The PIEoneer Awards recognized the University of South Carolina International Accelerator Program for innovation and achievement in international education with the 2018 Progressive Education Delivery Award.

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LONDON, September 11, 2018 — The University of South Carolina’s International Career Accelerator Program was recognized for its innovation and achievement in international education as it received the Progressive Education Delivery Award at the 2018 PIEoneer Awards. Each year, the award ceremony honors individuals and organizations that are leading in global student support and championing the international education industry.

The International Career Accelerator, a partnership between Shorelight and the University of South Carolina (UofSC) Career Center, was recognized for its commitment to preparing students for the modern international workplace. Participating students use the skills developed in the program to secure internships and other professional positions. The program has an outstanding track record: 86% of students who complete all four levels obtain employment.

The Career Accelerator is a key component of the International Accelerator Program, which was created in 2015 to further internationalize the university while providing students with academic and cultural support. The Career Accelerator was established to support international students’ career goals and help them develop the essential skills and confidence to engage with employers at career fairs, information sessions, and other professional events.

“Our goal was to increase international student engagement with the UofSC Career Center from the very beginning of their time on campus. That meant offering services that were better tailored to the unique needs of the students,” said Tonya Creamer, Career Accelerator program manager. “Ultimately, we aim to have a positive impact on retention, academic success, and satisfaction with the university.”

Through the program, UofSC international students have developed resumes and honed interviewing and networking skills, helping them acquire internships at companies like Bank of China; Webitude Info in India; Ag First Bank in Columbia, SC; and Mercedes-Benz in Charleston, SC.

A unique offering available to all of Shorelight’s partner universities, the Career Accelerator program offers a two-year, multifaceted professional development and career preparation experience created specifically for international students. Through the Career Accelerator, Shorelight works directly with partner universities to provide unparalleled support services to help students develop their professional skills and gain a strong understanding of how their knowledge, interests, motivations, and personal experiences give them an immediate advantage when launching their career in a changing global workplace.

James Morrison, director of the Career Accelerator, emphasized, “What comes across in this great program, time and time again, is the real will among our students to become actively and consciously involved in directing and achieving their career goals.”

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