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By Deshan Mendis
Last updated on August 11, 2023

Having a daily routine is important to maintain a structured, balanced, and (most importantly) stress-free college life. Learn more about what you can expect each day at your US university – and how you can set up your very own daily routine in the US!

As part of the daily routine for students, a group of five international students walk through a corridor at their university, talking to each other.

When you begin your journey as an international student in the US, you may find yourself having to balance many different aspects of life. From focusing on classes and assignments, figuring out how to make college friends, participating in extracurricular activities, and more — there are so many things to keep you occupied while studying in the USA

Balancing everything in your daily life and academic life can be challenging, but having a daily routine can make this much simpler. Here is everything you need to know to get started!

What Is a Daily Routine of a College Student?

What is a daily routine of a college student? Daily routines are a series of actions that you complete every day; they are a natural part of your everyday life. When you repeat the same activities regularly, they eventually become habits. It is similar to how you are taught from a young age to wash your hands before every meal, or brush your teeth three times a day. 

When you start college, your class schedule can give you an idea of what your typical week looks like for the semester, allowing you to plan your time around your classes. For example, if you have classes at 9 am, you can set up a routine where you wake up by 7 am to allow time for breakfast and/or exercise. Once your classes are over, you can schedule time later in the evening to study before having a break to relax before you go to sleep. 

As you begin to create your daily routine, keep in mind that the daily routine of a student should be balanced, efficient, and streamlined. While asking for opinions from your friends and family can help, your routine should be customized to your personal life and activities. Making a daily routine and sticking to it requires discipline and drive — but it is going to be worth it. 

Why Is Having a Daily Routine Important for a Student?

Having a daily routine as a student is important because it can make the transition from home to college life smoother while also helping you keep track of all your classes, obligations, and activities.

When you begin life at college, the responsibility for your daily life and studies is on you. While your family is always just a phone call away, you have to take care of waking up on time, getting to your classes and appointments, and studying for your exams. Alongside your academic performance, you also need to think about taking care of your physical and mental wellness for the rest of your time in the US. 

Whether it involves setting aside time to study, eating your meals on time, or even exercising, making a list can help you organize your daily activities. You can even divide your schedule between daily, weekly, and monthly activities. This allows you to figure out how much time each activity needs and helps you plan your schedule accordingly. 

Remember that a healthy routine for a student not only focuses on reserving time for studies and academic activities, but also downtime and fun! Socializing with your friends, taking part in extracurriculars, and even just relaxing is just as important as your study and/or internship time. Creating a daily routine can help you balance these areas more effectively, allowing you to make the most of your time every day.

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Benefits of a Daily Routine

You may be wondering ‘what is the daily routine of a student’ and why is it so important? Here’s a quick look at the specific ways your daily routine can help you: 

  • Accomplish more — A routine helps you stay productive, as you have set times for different types of tasks. Challenging tasks can be made simple with a routine, especially when they are broken down into smaller parts that can be handled daily. For example, by having dedicated study time every day, you can avoid cramming for an exam at the last minute while also staying refreshed on the subject matter for your assignments and homework.

  • Improved mental health —Through your routine, you can organize time for everything you need to do, and this can help you avoid missing deadlines or worrying about not having time for other tasks. This can reduce your stress and anxiety which can lead to better mental health.

  • Stay well-rested — Apart from those occasional late nights out, if you follow a routine, you can aim to go to sleep and wake up at the same time every day. A solid six to eight hours of sleep can keep you more energized and refreshed throughout the day. 

  • Better physical health — Setting aside time to eat your meals and getting exercise is an important part of a healthy routine. By allocating time to these important tasks, rather than racing between classes and other activities, you can work toward keeping your physical health in good condition while you study.

To make the most of these benefits, your routine should be structured to give you plenty of time for each of your activities, from when you wake up to when you are ready to end the day. Let us take a look at what is the daily routine of a student.

A Healthy Routine for a Student

In many universities and colleges, the daily routine of a student is packed with classes, study time, campus jobs or an internship, spending time with friends, meals, extracurriculars, and more. While the exact routine will be different for every student, there are a few common factors you can start thinking about as you consider your own routine. Let’s look at the typical daily routine of a college student.

Wake Up Early

Set an alarm for a few hours before your classes start so you can prepare for your day. Waking up early gives you time to ease in to that day’s obligations and plan what you need to do, without having to rush to your classes immediately.

Eat a Healthy Breakfast

It’s tempting for busy students to grab a quick bite for every meal, but maintaining a balanced diet is very important for both your health and productivity. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day! By starting your day with a healthy and filling meal, you will be energized and fueled up for the rest of the day. 

Build in Time to Exercise

As the saying goes, a fit body is a fit mind! Make time for physical activity every day to stay in shape and your mind alert. No matter your interests or current fitness, there is a wide variety of activities that may appeal, from rigorous workout regimens, yoga in your dorm, team sports or fitness classes, or even a simple jog around campus grounds. Choose the type of exercise that suits you and your lifestyle. 

Set Goals for the Day

Setting goals for the day pushes you to do your work faster and gives you a sense of accomplishment when you finish. By breaking down tasks and approaching them one by one each day, you can also avoid last-minute rushing, which helps your productivity and reduces potential stress.

You can also set long-term goals for the week, month, or semester ahead. These goals can focus on your career planning, networking, participating in extracurriculars, and more. You can work your way up to them, helping you prioritize where your efforts should be focused.

Go to Class

Your semester schedule may get packed with classes, electives, and other activities, so it could be easy to lose track of which classes you need to attend. Consider saving your class schedule on your phone or printing it out and posting it somewhere in your room so you always have a way to check it if you need to. 

Have a Consistent Study Schedule

Consistency is key, especially when it comes to your study schedule. It can seem tempting to put off studying and cram at the last minute, but this can be very stressful. Instead, consider setting aside time to revise and go through what you have learned in class every day. This way, you can retain the information that you are studying throughout the semester and keep up with any assignments and homework you have. Here are some additional study tips to help you get started.

Leave Time to Socialize

While it is important to stay focused on your degree program, college is also a time to have fun and expand your social circles. When studying in the US, you can make friends from all over the world and participate in a wide range of activities, cultures, and events. Make sure you set aside time in your routine to explore the city and meet new people!

Go to Sleep at the Same Time Every Night

Getting a good night’s rest is vital to your well-being. Going to sleep at a specific time consistently allows your body to adapt to your daily obligations and helps you rest better at night. By ending your day at 10 or 11 pm, you have plenty of time for a good night’s sleep and can still wake up early to prepare yourself for a new day.

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Final Notes

A daily routine of a student takes a lot of planning, but can be very helpful when you begin your journey in the US. A personalized routine can help you lead a stress-free and organized college life where you can balance studies, socializing, work, and anything else that interests you. Through your routine, you can adjust to your new environment and build up a sense of familiarity in your daily life that can help the US feel like your second home.

If you want to learn more about preparing a daily routine and which factors you should consider, reach out to a Shorelight advisor. Your advisor is ready to provide support across a wide variety of areas, including assistance with visas, scholarships, Optional Practical Training (OPT) support, and much more. 


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