Shorelight helps international students attend top universities in the U.S.
Shorelight helps international students attend top universities in the U.S.

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Shorelight Experience

Campus Transition

From a welcoming smile at the airport to a full student orientation, our staff eases your transition the whole way.

Shorelight is fully dedicated to your success and we have worked with each partner university to customize campus arrival plans for your first days and weeks of transition – and beyond.

As an international student, you get access to special services to ease your transition to campus and acclimate to university life in the US.

Pre-arrival communication Our campus teams are available on WeChat and WhatsApp for pre-arrival contact. You can message or call at any time with questions or flight updates. Did your flight get delayed, or you missed a connection? No worries – just let us know.

Airport welcome Shorelight campus staff meet you at the airport, help you with your bags, and drive you right to campus. Your trained driver will show you points-of-interest from the airport to campus and your dorm.

When I first came to Adelphi, I was nervous to travel so far from home. It was great to have someone from Adelphi to come and pick me up from the airport when I arrived to get me from the airport to campus. – Eleanor, Vietnam, Adelphi University

Tech must-haves & snacks We also provide WiFi hot spots, mobile chargers, snacks, water, and other welcome sundries for the car ride. 

Dorm set-up Once on campus, we show you to your dorm or apartment and help you get settled. New sheets? Check. Fresh towels? Check. A healthy snack? Yes, we’ve got that, too.

Student orientation Shorelight campus staff will lead your student orientation to help you adjust, prepare, and understand US life on campus. A guided campus tour will help you get to know main buildings on campus, dining halls, the bookstore, libraries, fitness facilities, sports fields, and more. 

Orientation offers information sessions, activities, and fun events designed to help you get to know campus, your new school, and meet fellow students. Student advisors will also help you register for classes, set up a bank account, or get a mobile phone, if need be.

Family orientation Shorelight campus staff host a family-specific orientation to help establish connections and communication with campus staff and other families. Families get full insight on their student’s transition and their life on campus. 

Family members receive a campus tour, visit the bookstore, and see the dorms to get a true look into their child’s new home. The student experience, campus safety, and academic overview presentations provide parent tips and insight into what to expect for their student’s life on campus, personally and academically. 

Cultural group outings Since the day you applied to university, you probably wondered, “What is life in America like?” Your campus team sets up cultural experience group outings with your international student cohort, like eating local cuisine, attending sport and entertainment events, visiting tourist attractions, and more. 

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