Seven International Friendly Universities Among U.S. News & World Report Best Colleges 2024

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By Shorelight Team
Last updated on October 18, 2023

Which international friendly universities got top rankings for 2024? If you want to study in the USA, the newest rankings from U.S. News & World Report point to the best destinations for earning a US university degree.

A group of four international students, two women and two men, sit at their US university library and study together.

In recent years, university ranking organizations have gotten a lot of attention, with increased scrutiny on methodology and final results. Here at Shorelight, we recommend using rankings as just one part of the university research process, a jumping-off point to narrow down a long list of potential places to enroll. For international students who aren’t always able to visit universities in person before applying, rankings can be an important tool in getting a bigger picture of a school from afar. They can be one of the first information gathering points that start a larger conversation about best-fit schools, degree programs of interest, and the overall study abroad experience.

Now that U.S. News & World Report has released its Best Colleges rankings for 2024, we’re pleased to announce that seven of Shorelight’s international-friendly universities have made the list. Check out the latest results, then get in touch with our expert advisors to explore your options further.

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Shorelight Universities in the Top 100 Best Colleges

Johns Hopkins University*

U.S. News 2024 Best Colleges Ranking

#9 (tie)

Tulane University*

U.S. News 2024 Best Colleges Ranking

#73 (tie)

University at Buffalo

U.S. News 2024 Best Colleges Ranking

#76 (tie)

University of Illinois Chicago

U.S. News 2024 Best Colleges Ranking

#82 (tie)

Auburn University

U.S. News 2024 Best Colleges Ranking

#93 (tie)

Gonzaga University

U.S. News 2024 Best Colleges Ranking

#93 (tie)

Rutgers University—Camden

U.S. News 2024 Best Colleges Ranking

#98 (tie)

Shorelight universities ranked in the top 150 include American University (#105 – tie), University of Utah (#115 – tie), Fairfield University (#124 – tie), Florida International University (#124 – tie), University of Central Florida (#124 – tie), University of South Carolina (#124 – tie), University of Dayton (#133 – tie), and University of the Pacific (#142 – tie).

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Shorelight Universities with Top-Ranked Programs for 2024

Best Undergraduate Engineering Programs

*where doctorate is highest degree

  • Auburn University – #53 (tie)

  • University at Buffalo – #61 (tie)

  • University of Utah – #69 (tie)

  • University of Central Florida – #82 (tie)

  • University of Illinois Chicago – #82 (tie)

  • Tulane University – #90 (tie)

  • University of Kansas – #90 (tie)

Best Undergraduate Engineering Programs

*where doctorate is not offered

  • Gonzaga University – #23 (tie)

  • University of the Pacific – #49 (tie)

  • UMass Boston – #58 (tie)

  • Wentworth Institute of Technology* – #58 (tie)

  • Fairfield University – #86 (tie)

  • Western New England University – #86 (tie)

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Best Liberal Arts Colleges

  • Southwestern University – #89 (tie)

  • Washington & Jefferson College – #89 (tie)

  • Austin College – #93 (tie)

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Best First-Year Experiences

  • University of South Carolina - #1 (tie)

  • American University - #14

  • Belmont University - #27 (tie)

  • Adelphi University - #32 (tie)

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Best Value Schools

  • Johns Hopkins University* - #9

  • University of Dayton - #32

  • Robert Morris University - #34

  • University of the Pacific - #44

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How to Use US University Rankings When Doing Your Own College Search

Still thinking about where to apply to university? Rankings are a good starting point to discover universities with excellent academics, professors, and career prospects. When putting together your long list of possible universities where you may apply, rankings can be a way to compile all the schools that interest you on a high level – the places where you would like to find out more (and eventually create a shorter list).

As you review university rankings, it’s helpful to remember that U.S. News & World Report, Forbes, the Princeton Review, Shanghai Rankings, and other private companies develop their own standards for evaluating and measuring, which are different from each other and have their own quality criteria and definitions for “best.” Your own best criteria may be very different from what the ranking organizations measure, too! Always keep what you value top of mind, as your preferences will ultimately inform your university experience. If you value a city campus, for example, a top-ranked school that’s in the countryside may not be your best fit.

Want to learn more about how to use college rankings for your own research? Our guide to university rankings and accreditations has you covered. Our enrollment counselors are always available to speak with you as well, and answer any questions you may have about which schools best align with your academic preferences and long-term career plan.

The 2024 Best Colleges are exciting, but remember that they are just one source of information for prospective university students. Keep in mind, too, that many schools that are not on the list still offer amazing experiences for international students! It all comes down to which school matches most of the criteria that matter to you.

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