Internationally Friendly Universities Earn Top Rankings in U.S. News Best Graduate Programs 2024

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By Shorelight Team
Last updated on February 20, 2024

See which Shorelight universities have top-ranked graduate degree programs in STEM fields, business, education, and more.

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If you’re interested in pursuing a graduate degree in the US, finding a top-ranked program that’s also internationally friendly can help narrow down your choices about where to apply. Check out the newest US graduate program rankings for 2024 from U.S. News & World Report, where 14 Shorelight universities have master’s degree offerings in the top 100 of their respective fields!

Note that not all programs may be available through Shorelight. Speak to your Shorelight advisor for more details.

Graduate Programs for Business

Fortune magazine reports that earning an MBA can more than double one’s salary potential compared to only earning a bachelor’s degree. Beyond the MBA, graduate programs in health care management and international business (among other specialized business topics) can lead to high earnings and flexible opportunities around the globe.

If you’re considering a graduate degree in business, Shorelight universities included in U.S. News & World Report’s top-50 programs for 2024 include:

Best Business Schools

  • #95 – Pepperdine University

Full-Time MBA

  • #12 (among public schools) – University of Utah

Full-Time MBA - Entrepreneurship Specialization

  • #23 – Gonzaga University

Part-Time MBA

  • #18 – University of South Carolina

  • #21 (tie) – University of Utah

  • #46 – Pepperdine University

  • #47 (tie) – University of Illinois Chicago

  • #50 (tie) – Tulane University


  • #28 – Gonzaga University

Health Care Management

  • #7 – Johns Hopkins University

  • #16 – Tulane University

  • #41 (tie) – University of South Carolina

  • #47 (tie) – University of Kansas

  • #47 (tie) – University of Utah

International Business

  • #1 – University of South Carolina

  • #4 – Florida International University

  • #16 – American University

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Graduate Programs for Computer Science

Between 2022 and 2032, computer and information science roles are expected to grow by 23%, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics – which means there will be thousands of job opportunities, across many regions, in the decade ahead. Average salaries for employees with a master of computer science degree come in around $113,000, compared to $93,000 for those with a bachelor’s degree – a difference of 19%!

Shorelight’s computer science master’s degree programs provide rigorous curriculum, faculty mentorship, and internship opportunities that combine to increase your earning power, no matter where you hope to live and work. Check out our master’s in computer science offerings that made the top-50 list for 2024 from U.S. News & World Report:

Computer Science (Overall)

  • #23 – Johns Hopkins University

  • #41 (tie) – University of Utah

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Graduate Programs for Engineering

Developing creative solutions to the world’s most pressing challenges – and working with the brightest innovators – are two main draws for pursuing an engineering graduate degree. Engineers continue to be in high demand, with high pay: U.S. News & World Report’s updated list of graduate degree jobs that earn more than $100K shows multiple engineering careers including aerospace, architectural engineering, and computer hardware engineering as specializations with particularly strong futures. 

In 2024, the following Shorelight university programs earned top-50 rankings in:

Engineering (Overall)

  • #14 – Johns Hopkins University

  • #37 (tie) – University of Dayton

Aerospace Engineering

  • #27 – Auburn University

  • #43 – University of Kansas

  • #47 – University of Dayton

Chemical Engineering

  • #19 (tie) – Johns Hopkins University

Civil Engineering

  • #31 (tie) – Johns Hopkins University

Computer Engineering

  • #18 (tie) – Johns Hopkins University

  • #47 – University of Utah

Electrical Engineering

  • #23 (tie) – Johns Hopkins University

Industrial & Systems Engineering

  • #21 – Auburn University

Nuclear Engineering

  • #21 – University of South Carolina

  • #25 (tie) – University of Utah

Petroleum Engineering

  • #11 – University of Wyoming

  • #12 – Louisiana State University

  • #16 – University of Kansas

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Graduate Programs for Public Health

A graduate degree in public health can fast-track pathways to global careers that promote healthy communities and public safety, local health management and good governance policies, and institutional and/or communal best practices. Potential roles include community health consultants, corporate wellness coordinators, epidemiologists, health educators, public health social workers, and more.

In 2024, the following Shorelight universities received top-50 U.S. News & World Report rankings for outstanding public health graduate degree programs.

Public Health (Overall)

  • #12 (tie) – Tulane University

  • #17 – University of Illinois Chicago

  • #50 (tie) – University of South Carolina

Environmental Health

  • #1 – Johns Hopkins University

  • #12 – Tulane University


  • #1 – Johns Hopkins University

  • #16 – Tulane University

Health Policy and Management

  • #1 – Johns Hopkins University

  • #17 (tie) – Tulane University

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Graduate Programs for Education

In their 2022 Teacher Salary Benchmark Report, the National Education Association (NEA) reported that teachers with a master’s degree earn a starting annual salary 9.4% higher than teachers with a bachelor’s degree.

Several Shorelight universities saw 2024 top-50 rankings for education graduate degrees from U.S. News & World Report

Education (Overall)

  • #13 – Johns Hopkins University

  • #18 (tie) – University of Kansas

  • #40 (tie) – University of South Carolina

Curriculum & Instruction

  • #27 (tie) – University of Illinois Chicago

  • #27 (tie) – University of Kansas

Educational Administration

  • #16 – University of Illinois Chicago

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