How an Adelphi International Student Got an OPT Job After Graduation

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By Shorelight Team
Last updated on August 3, 2023

International students can find OPT jobs after graduation. Anthony Zhang, an Adelphi University alum from China, found OPT employment on campus as a marketing and events specialist.

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When Anthony graduated from Adelphi University in December 2019 with an MBA in marketing, he was presented with a unique opportunity that most students dream of — a chance to use his Optional Practical Training (OPT) and work in New York! 

Anthony excelled in the Adelphi International program and as a student worker for more than a year before pursuing OPT as a marketing and events specialist. In his role as a student worker, he proved his expertise in many areas including student services, student events, and marketing. With a remarkable work ethic and willingness to take on new tasks, he showed leadership, teamwork, and support for Adelphi International. 

If you are hoping to study in the US and are interested in OPT jobs after graduation, it can be inspiring to hear success stories from other students like you. So, we sat down with Anthony to get all the details on his experiences at Adelphi International, the OPT application process, and OPT employment.   

Q. How Were You Able to Get This Opportunity at Adelphi?

Anthony: As an international student, I found job hunting was definitely one of the biggest challenges that I have experienced here. 

Everything became clear after I enrolled in Adelphi International’s Career Accelerator — a program for helping international students further their professional skills and knowledge. In the program, I learned how to write a resume and cover letter, how to create an effective LinkedIn profile, and what questions to prepare for in an interview.

There were many events like our employment mixer, which helped me learn from other successful students, and gave me an opportunity to practice my interview skills and gain confidence when job hunting. After one year’s work, I was facing the situation to graduate, which means I would not be able to work for my student worker position. However, exciting news came through my ear — my supervisor asked me if I would like to keep working at Adelphi International through OPT. I was so happy about being recognized.

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Q. What Helpful Tips Do You Have for Other International Students Looking for Employment?

Anthony: The first step is to get your resume and cover letter ready. 

Second, you should always prepare before the interview. You should get familiar with typical interview questions that will help with confidence-building for the interview. 

Third, set a goal and never give up. Failure is common during your job hunting, but you should never give up on your goal. Please don’t get frustrated. I had failed many times before I got my job with Adelphi International. I always believe that I can do better next time.

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Q. What Are You Most Excited About Learning in This Position?

Anthony: As a full-time job, it is an excellent opportunity to further my specialization and career skills. In this position, I can practice those pieces of knowledge that I have learned from school, such as creating valuable media content [and] adjusting marketing strategy via a new marketing environment. Besides that, I receive useful feedback from my supervisor to improve my work performance. 

Q. What Do You Hope to Be in the Future and How Do You Feel This Opportunity Will Help You Get to That Point?

Anthony: This opportunity can help me with gathering experience from budgeting, planning, executing, and analyzing campaign[s] and building my strategic thinking in marketing. At the same time, it can create confidence for me about problem-solving, which is essential in the business world. In the future, I hope I can be a top leader in the marketing industry. 

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