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By Bhanujith Wijesinghe
Last updated on August 31, 2023

Rohan from Panama knew he wanted to study computer science at a major US university. His hard work after starting at American Collegiate, LA paid off with acceptances to two top-tier schools!

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Rohan from Panama is a computer science major currently studying at American Collegiate, Los Angeles. He began his study abroad experience with American Collegiate, LA, in preparation for applying to his dream universities. With his student advisor’s guidance, Rohan was accepted to two top-tier universities, and will head to Boston University to complete his bachelor’s in computer science.

Read on to learn more about Rohan, his experience at American Collegiate, LA, and how he successfully navigated the transfer application process.

A Top-Tier Computer Science Degree Can Start with American Collegiate, LA

With a personal interest in technology, Rohan was certain that computer science was the right major for him. He’s particularly interested in how computer science focuses on problem-solving and figuring out solutions, and takes this approach beyond the classroom: “Although they showed some [problem-solving] methods in class, it’s really up to us to figure out how each function contributes to how the actual program works,” he said. “That really interested me.”

American Collegiate, LA students like Rohan also benefit from the program’s amazing location at UCLA Extension. At UCLA Extension, American Collegiate students enroll in a variety of comprehensive classes and become part of a vibrant on-campus student community. Extensive state-of-the-art facilities available to American Collegiate, LA students include laboratories, libraries, athletic centers, and more. 

By seeking out campus events and organizations, Rohan was able to build lasting friendships and network with students from different departments. During his studies, he gained insights into how students from different backgrounds communicate and learn. 

“I didn’t really feel left out, that’s my personal experience,” he said. 

Rohan’s daily schedule as an international student kept him busy during the first two quarters of his academic year at American Collegiate, LA, balancing his classes while applying to four-year degree programs as a transfer student. To stay on track with the application process, Rohan would complete one step in the morning every day. Though Rohan’s schedule only left him about two hours to himself on the weekdays, he didn’t find it to be too demanding. “It wasn’t that heavy as long as you had a clear time management structure,” he said.

Support for International Students at American Collegiate, LA

American Collegiate, LA advisors provide individualized guidance and support to students via one-on-one discussion sessions, ensuring students are on the right track. On Thursdays and Fridays, Rohan’s advisors hold office hours, where students can hop on a call at any time (without needing to schedule in advance) to discuss any academic queries or personal issues they may be facing. 

“I think that was really helpful for me, because I got one-on-one help while doing the transfer process,” he said. “I think that’s what helped me the most.”

Rohan credits his advisor’s guidance for his acceptances to two of his top-choice schools, Boston University and Pennsylvania State University. His advisor team laid out a plan for the necessary processes for applying and helped keep his timelines on track. Rohan noted that, for him, the most challenging part of sending applications was the personal statement, and his advisors gave in-depth, personal guidance to focus on this area. 

“I had the essay on my screen and she would tell me what to restructure, and gave me a few examples,” he said. Rohan already had good grades, so this support for his personal statement helped him complete the process with even more confidence.

His advisor also pushed him to sign up for extracurricular activities, referring him to Reading to Kids, a grassroots organization. As a volunteer, Rohan would go to a different elementary school each month and read books to kids, in order to inspire their love of reading.

What’s Next for Rohan?

Rohan will be heading across the US to finish his computer science degree at Boston University (BU). Having finished his American Collegiate, LA year in the spring quarter, he will start his BU studies this fall. Though it is a new school on the other side of the country, Rohan says he isn’t worried, thanks to his experience with American Collegiate, LA. 

This year really pushed my expectations higher, because I really enjoyed the college life, meeting new people, creating a network.” – Rohan, American Collegiate, LA student, computer science major headed to Boston University

When he earns his degree in computer science, Rohan plans to pursue roles such as application developer, cybersecurity analyst, software engineer, and more. He encourages international students to keep an open mind, work hard, and make the most of the resources American Collegiate, LA has to offer.

“The ACLA team will lay [out] the whole blueprint of what you have to do, so it’s up to you to do your part, and work hard,” he said.

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