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By Sakina Taher
Last updated on October 27, 2023

Work your way toward a successful career when you earn a top-ranked business degree from a prestigious US university.

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Did you know graduates with a business degree earn (on average) $30,000 higher salaries compared to other occupations? With roles in business and finance projected to grow 7% by 2031, employers are ready to hire well-prepared business graduates with diverse skillsets. But which business program is right for an ambitious international student like you?

Explore Shorelight’s highly ranked universities offering prestigious programs in business management, business administration, marketing, and more, and consider how a business degree can build an amazing career. 

Why Study Business?

Business degrees can cover a wide range of subjects including accounting, finance, marketing, human resources, operations management, and entrepreneurship. Business school curriculum provides a combination of theoretical knowledge, practical case studies, and real-world learning experiences, ensuring students gain a strong foundation in business principles while also developing transferable skills such as adaptability, communication, and leadership. 

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, graduates with a business degree can earn a median annual salary of $76,570. Check out several career pathways available with a business degree and their potential annual earnings:

Accounting Degree


Tax Accountant

Median salary in the US


Median salary in China


Median salary in India


Median salary in Brazil


Business Analytics Degree


Data Analyst

Median salary in the US


Median salary in China


Median salary in India


Median salary in Brazil


Economics Degree


Market Research Analyst

Median salary in the US


Median salary in China


Median salary in India


Median salary in Brazil


Finance Degree


Financial Analyst

Median salary in the US


Median salary in China


Median salary in India


Median salary in Brazil


International Business Degree


Investment Banker

Median salary in the US


Median salary in China


Median salary in India


Median salary in Brazil


Marketing Degree


Digital Marketing Manager

Median salary in the US


Median salary in China


Median salary in India


Median salary in Brazil


Sports Management Degree


Public Relations Manager

Median salary in the US


Median salary in China


Median salary in India


Median salary in Brazil


Supply Chain Management Degree


Logistics Manager

Median salary in the US


Median salary in China


Median salary in India


Median salary in Brazil


Source: Payscale

With a business degree, you can benefit from diverse career pathways, professional growth, and a high earning potential. Let’s take a closer look at Shorelight’s highly ranked universities that offer competitive business programs in accounting, business administration, business management, finance, marketing, and more. 

Business Degree Programs for International Students at Top-Ranked Universities 

Whether you aspire for a career in international business, finance, entrepreneurship, or management, Shorelight universities offer programs and electives that can help you achieve your professional goals. 

American University

American University, located in Washington, DC, ranks #8 in international business and #86 for overall business programs by U.S. News & World Report. Majors at the Kogod School of Business at American University include:

  • Accounting — Master subjects such as auditing, financial management, and taxation. Graduates have been hired at companies such as Deloitte, Goldman Sachs, and PwC.

  • Finance — Use real-world case studies to develop the analytical and decision-making skills needed to explore careers in finance and investment.

  • International business — Participate in career treks and study-abroad opportunities to learn more about managing and operating a global business.

Auburn University

Ranked #51 in business programs, #50 for accounting, #33 in business analytics,

#30 in management, and #16 in supply chain management by U.S. News & World Report, Auburn University's Harbert College of Business offers a comprehensive business curriculum and in-person faculty support for students to prepare for their careers in business. Majors offered include:

  • Accounting — Through guidance and mentorship from expert faculty, the Bachelor of Science in Accounting program ensures students are prepared for professional certifications such as the Uniform Certified Public Accountant Exam.

  • Business analytics — Learn how to use tools such as Tableau, Python, and Watson, commonly used in business analytics careers across multiple industries.

  • Supply chain management — Understand the foundations of supply chain management including product development, logistics, sourcing, and more through internships and other hands-on experiences.

Belmont University

Belmont University, a private university in Nashville, Tennessee, is accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) in both business and accounting, an accomplishment only 1% of the world’s business schools have achieved. Billboard magazine also cited Belmont as a top-15 school for music business programs. Degrees offered include:

  • Accounting — Specialize your talents in key accounting specializations including data analysis, taxation, cost budgeting, variance analysis, and more. Belmont’s annual Career Fairs attract 35+ accounting firms, giving you opportunities to build your career.

  • Business systems and analytics — Combine your knowledge of data analytics and modern technology and create innovative solutions to complex business challenges. Pursue one of three in-demand tracks: business systems, business analytics, or cybersecurity. 

  • International economics — Gain a diverse perspective on economic issues and market systems as you learn how to tackle challenges around the world. Build cross-cultural communication skills with this major’s incorporated minor in a foreign language. 

Florida International University

With a student body of more than 56,000, Florida International University is one of the 10 largest universities in the US. Ranked #128 in Business Programs and #2 in International Business by U.S. News & World Report, FIU encourages students to develop efficient and creative solutions to today’s most pressing challenges. Business majors include:

  • Business analytics — Discover how to design, develop, and implement information systems and carry forward business insights to real organizations. Faculty-led technology consulting practices, such as the ATOM thinktank in the Department of Information Systems and Business Analytics (ISBA), enable students to contribute to real-world research during their degree.

  • International business — Build a global network of faculty and professionals through industry showcases and study-abroad programs.

  • Logistics and supply chain management — Learn the latest developments in logistics technology, data analytics, and distribution modeling through real-life projects working alongside industry experts at organizations such as Microsoft, FedEx, and HP.

Gonzaga University

With a commitment to academic excellence and a focus on practical application, Gonzaga University’s School of Business Administration is ranked #108 for its business program. Study in Spokane, Washington, to learn highly ranked business curricula in accounting, entrepreneurship, finance, and management. Degrees offered include:

  • Accounting — Curriculum focuses on the principles of accounting, financial reporting, taxation, and more. 

  • Finance — Participate in group projects, case studies, internships, and mentorship programs and apply classroom concepts to real-world projects.

  • Entrepreneurship — Learn about idea generation, planning, product development, and more. Present to investors to launch products and services to the market, even while you’re still a student!

Robert Morris University

Located in Pennsylvania, AACSB-accredited Robert Morris University offers business degrees including:

  • Finance — State-of-the-art finance labs and simulation tools provide hands-on opportunities to develop financial analysis and decision-making skills. 

  • Marketing — Network with industry professionals at industry events and in mentoring programs to learn more about marketing in the real world, while also discovering job opportunities. 

  • Sport Management — This dynamic degree develops skills and expertise in sports marketing, facility management, sports administration, and more.

University at Buffalo

Located in New York State, the AACSB-accredited University at Buffalo’s School of Management is recognized as one of the country’s Best Undergraduate Business Programs by both Bloomberg Businessweek and U.S. News & World Report. University at Buffalo business majors graduate with in-depth technical knowledge and extensive hands-on learning experience. 

  • Data Analytics — The data analytics concentration of the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration program provides a cutting-edge curriculum with a strong foundation in statistical analysis, data mining, machine learning, and more. 

  • Entrepreneurship — Learn from experienced entrepreneurs and industry professionals who provide valuable mentorship to confer the skills and mindset necessary to launch your own business. 

  • Marketing — With a focus on modern marketing strategies, the marketing major covers communication, international marketing, culture, digital marketing, and more.

University of South Carolina

Ranked #39 in business programs, #1 in international business, and #33 in marketing programs, the University of South Carolina offers business programs that explore the dynamics of business through research projects and coursework. Degrees offered include:

  • Entrepreneurship — Develop skills in critical thinking, problem-solving, and leadership, and work alongside renowned professors, while preparing for work in the modern economy. 

  • Finance — Build your financial skills through university-facilitated internships, cooperative education programs, and industry partnerships that apply your classroom learnings to real-world settings. 

  • International business — Spend a semester abroad to develop a global perspective on cultural work ethics, language appreciation, and business relations.

University of Wyoming

Home to more than 11,000 students from all 50 states in the US and more than 70 countries, the University of Wyoming is ranked #187 in Best Value Schools by U.S. News & World Report. Its AACSB-accredited College of Business and MBA Program offers top-ranked, well-rounded degree programs in:

  • Business economics — Focus on micro- and macroeconomic policies that challenge policy issues and apply data analytics to provide industry solutions. Study communication, human culture, finance, and the evolution of economics, among other advanced business concepts. 

  • Entrepreneurship — The university’s annual entrepreneurship summit’s competition features $50,000 in cash prizes to encourage students to pursue their entrepreneurial goals.

  • Marketing — Study sustainability, international business, entrepreneurship, and business ethics. Apply for internships and mentorship programs that prepare students with industry-relevant skills and the chance to learn from top marketing professionals.

Utah Tech University

Ranked #14-18 in Top Public Schools in the West by U.S. News & World Report, Utah Tech University’s ACBSP-accredited College of Business features state-of-art campus facilities and extensive practical training.  

  • Information systems and analytics — Combine technology and analytical tools to manage people and make critical business decisions. 

  • Finance —  Learn about venture capitalism, investment, and commercial banking through experiential learning opportunities such as the Emerging Finance Professionals (EFP) program, Student Investment Fund, and UVF II.

  • Marketing — Accelerate your career through marketing research projects and internship opportunities with industry-leading organizations.

Shorelight’s top-ranked business schools provide business degrees with a well-rounded curriculum along with a wide range of opportunities to gain industry experience. Additionally, Shorelight Career Services give students a competitive edge through internships, coaching workshops, and skill development certifications alongside personalized career guidance.

Career Premium Prepares International Students for Successful Global Careers

Students who want to kickstart their career in business can also take advantage of Shorelight’s Career Premium program. With Career Premium, students take focused professional development courses; earn certifications in high-demand skills including Java, Python, and more; and get the opportunity to apply for exclusive virtual internships at major global employers such as Deloitte, Google, and Microsoft, among others. 

With a business degree from a top-ranked university, alongside professional development prep from Shorelight’s Career Services, you can plan out your career progression and work toward lucrative roles. Work toward becoming the next great trailblazer in the business world with support from day one!

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