How a University of Kansas Economics Major Landed His First Student Internship

University of Kansas
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By Shorelight Team
Last updated on August 3, 2023

Are you an economics major looking to land your first student internship? Kevin, a Chinese international student at KU, has a few tips.

KevinChinaUniversity of Kansas

University of Kansas junior Kevin discusses his first student internship

When Kevin—a double-major in Global International Studies and Economics—came to study at the University of Kansas (KU), the Chinese international student had two goals: succeed in his degree program at the top-ranked research university and get a student internship that would set him up with work experience in the field of global economics. 

And Kevin did just that – the economics major recently landed his first resume-building campus job as a coordinator for the International Relations Council at KU’s department of Global & International Studies (GIST). 

So, how did he do it? By networking and taking advantage of valuable support services at the Academic Accelerator Program (AAP), KU’s international student program in collaboration with Shorelight. 

One of the biggest benefits of enrolling at KU is the Career Accelerator program, a four-semester set of courses and workshops designed to build an international student’s career experience and confidence. 

“Networking with other students in my field is one of the best parts of AAP,” says Kevin of finding his student intern opportunity. “It was through their guidance that I found this amazing opportunity.”

We sat down with Kevin to ask him more about his student internship with the International Relations Council and his tips for international students. 

Q. What Was the Student Internship Interview Process Like?

Kevin: I felt prepared thanks to the practice interviews I did with my advisor. It’s so much easier when you have a sense of the kind of questions your potential employer might ask, and you have the chance to prepare your answers without being surprised on the spot. Through practicing with my AAP advisor beforehand, I had a lot of helpful suggestions to work with.

I was supported on every single step of the application process. KU AAP is the main reason I did well on my interview and got the internship.” - Kevin, Global International Studies and Economics 2021, KU

Q. How Did KU’s Career Accelerator Help You Build Your Professional Experience and Confidence?

Kevin: I had someone there to help me every single step of the way, including writing my resume and cover letter, finding the right opportunities to apply for, and practicing interviewing skills until I felt comfortable. They also helped make sure I was enrolled in the right courses so I would earn credit hours for my internship.

Q. What Will the Job Responsibilities of Your Graduate Assistantship Be?

Kevin: I’ll be responsible for arranging lectures, panel discussions, and special events with academics, diplomats, and journalists. In addition to learning valuable workplace skills in my field and adding this experience to my resume, I’m also receiving school credit. 

Q. What Excites You About Your Student Intern Opportunity?

Kevin: I’m very excited about working at a real office environment. I’m hoping this experience will help me get an internship opportunity at an international organization in Washington, D.C., someday.

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