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By Sakina Taher
Last updated on June 8, 2023

Start building your career while you study. Learn more about Shorelight schools with diverse internship options, plus strong employability and high earnings for graduates.

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Working while pursuing your degree gives you the chance to explore opportunities for professional growth while staying on track with your studies. Many career-focused universities in the US offer specialized professional development programs that are both flexible and complementary to your degree program. For example, career-focused universities encourage (or even require) internships or co-ops, leading to high employability rates for recent graduates and strong earnings throughout their careers.

Shorelight universities combine stellar academics with practical experiences to enhance your industry knowledge and skills while you study, allowing you to work toward becoming a professional in a supportive environment. Read on to learn more about international student friendly universities that emphasize career preparation — and how they can help you work toward your career goals.

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Shorelight Universities Offering Strong Co-Op and Internship Programs

Co-ops and internships give students the chance to apply classroom knowledge in real-world scenarios while building valuable practical experience. At a co-op or internship, you can work with industry professionals and start building your network of contacts as you develop in-demand skills that stand out to employers. In fact, students who complete internships have a 57.6% higher chance of becoming full-time employees compared to those who do not participate in career development programs.

Here are several Shorelight universities with strong co-op and internship programs.

Auburn University

Career Program

Engineering Co-op program - Auburn University’s co-op programs provide up to a year of full-time paid employment, giving students the chance to develop their technical expertise while improving critical thinking and teamwork skills.

Rutgers University-Camden

Career Program

School of Business internship tracks - Rutgers University-Camden provides internships and accounting and business co-ops where students can explore their interests, expand their professional network, and prepare for full-time roles upon graduation.

Southwestern University

Career Program

Center for Career & Professional Development (CCPD) - The Princeton Review ranks Southwestern University #2 in Texas and among the top 20 in the US for best private schools for internships.

University of Illinois Chicago

Career Program

Guaranteed Paid Internship Program (GPIP) - Through the GPIP, students can gain practical work experience and earn income while they are in university, building strong foundational skills to begin their careers.

Some universities include internships as part of the degree program requirements or offer them as electives, depending on your area of study, which means you can apply your work experience toward your degree progression. Shorelight universities also collaborate with industry-leading companies across the US, giving you impressive credentials for your resume and firsthand experience in working on high-performing teams.

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Shorelight Universities with High Earnings for Graduates

As you decide which university you want to enroll in, take a closer look at universities that are ranked highly for graduate earnings. While every university offers its own unique learning opportunities and benefits, universities where graduates have strong earnings can be great options if you want to fast-track your career toward higher-paying roles.

Here are several Shorelight schools with top graduate earnings.*

American University

Graduate Earnings


Fairfield University

Graduate Earnings


Gonzaga University

Graduate Earnings


University of the Pacific

Graduate Earnings


While graduate earnings can give you an idea about how much you could potentially be paid, it is important to remember this will vary across different job roles, industries, and regions. With this in mind, you should also consider a university’s graduate employability rates.

* Median earnings after 10 years

Shorelight Universities with Strong Graduate Employability Rates

The graduate employability rate for a university measures the number of graduates who have successfully secured employment after completing their degree program. A high employability rate can indicate that the university consistently equips graduates for successful careers, and these schools may be ideal for students who want to focus on being career-ready after graduation.

Check out several Shorelight universities with a high percentage of graduates who found full-time employment, enrolled in a graduate or professional school, or engaged in volunteer work within 12 months of graduation.

Fairfield University

Graduate Employability Rate


Gonzaga University

Graduate Employability Rate


Hanover College

Graduate Employability Rate


Western Oregon University

Graduate Employability Rate


Graduate employability rates are a key indicator when evaluating a university, but it is also important to research and learn more about the university’s location, financial aid options, degree program availability, and extracurricular activities to decide if it is a good fit for you. Consider also looking up program rankings, university partnerships, and career service offerings as you narrow down your options to make your ideal choice.

Choosing a university that emphasizes career readiness gives you the chance to explore your options with guidance and flexibility, adjusting your career progression according to your needs. Work toward your dream job in confidence at Shorelight universities, knowing that you have support every step of the way.

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