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By Deshan Mendis
Last updated on February 28, 2022

Work toward rewarding and lucrative careers in systems engineering with the new master’s program at the University of Dayton!

A female international student in a white light blue striped shirt and Jade charm necklace at a table of system engineering equipment.

With the Master of Science in Systems Engineering program, the University of Dayton now gives international students the chance to learn cutting-edge engineering skills in demand with employers around the world. With a flexible curriculum and expert professors, the Univeristy of Dayton develops international students’ technical expertise and management skills as they earn a prestigious master’s degree in the US.

Here is everything you need to know about the Master of Science in Systems Engineering program – and how the University of Dayton offers a world-class education!

What Is Systems Engineering?

Systems engineering is a specialized field of engineering that involves setting up, using, and restructuring engineered systems. The exact type of systems you may manage as a systems engineer will vary depending on your employer or client, and can involve chemical, mechanical, biological, or electrical processes. 

Careers in systems engineering usually require advanced technical skills with systems in these specialized areas, along with managerial skills to effectively work in teams and business environments that involve system engineering. As organizations use more complicated automated processes and technologies, systems engineers become an important part of managing these systems to ensure they can function properly. Roles in systems engineering are ideal for students who enjoy designing and running systems while also overseeing process management and systems maintenance. 

While systems engineering is a career on its own, a degree in systems engineering allows you to access many types of roles across multiple industries.

Which Types of Careers Are You Qualified for with a Degree in Systems Engineering?

Studying systems engineering develops highly flexible and transferable skills, qualifying you for roles across many industries and specializations.

Here are just a few careers and starting salaries for graduates with a degree in systems engineering:

Aeronautical Engineer

Starting Salary


Industrial & Manufacturing Engineer

Starting Salary


Network Administrator

Starting Salary


Simulation Engineer

Starting Salary


Software Engineer

Starting Salary


Source: SalaryExpert

What Will I Study at the University of Dayton’s Master of Science in Systems Engineering Degree Program?

The University of Dayton’s Department of Engineering Management, Systems, and Technology sponsors the master of science in Systems Engineering. This 30-credit-hour program is designed to build and refine your skills as a systems engineer professional. 

On-campus classes for the program are simultaneously broadcast online, giving students the option to participate in class remotely with real-time audio and video. Students who work while studying can take advantage of flexible class times, as evening and late afternoon classes are available, along with recorded classes that can be viewed online.

The University of Dayton’s state-of-the-art laboratory facilities and industry professional instructors enable students to develop real-world skills that support organizations in solving modern challenges in system design and driving operational efficiencies. As systems engineer roles oversee design, integration, and management of systems, students can anticipate interdisciplinary classes that combine technical skills with organizational management. 

Classes such as project management, system dynamics, management of engineering systems, systems architecture, and model-based system engineering develop both technical and managerial expertise. 

Why Should You Study at the University of Dayton?

The University of Dayton is ranked #37 among the best value schools in the US (U.S. News & World Report), and offers a variety of engaging and experiential learning opportunities. University of Dayton students have contributed to cutting-edge studies and worked with industry leaders at Emerson Tech and on the Mars Rover team. As you work toward becoming a professional in systems engineering, you can leverage these opportunities to enhance your skills and build your professional network. 

Systems engineering students aiming to develop entrepreneurial skills and/or learn how to operate their own business can participate in Flyer Enterprises, the fourth-largest student-run corporation in the country. Flyer Enterprises annually earns USD $1.2 million and employs more than 200 students across its 12 divisions. 

When you enroll at the University of Dayton, you become part of a diverse and inclusive community where you will be welcomed and accepted. With Shorelight’s Signature Student Experience offered through UDayton Global, you can also access exclusive international student services such as academic support, career advice, F-1 visa assistance, and more. Begin your journey in the US with confidence and benefit from dedicated support before you apply – and all the way through graduation.

Explore countless opportunities: With a master’s in systems engineering from the University of Dayton, you can pursue rewarding careers while growing your skills in a supportive environment.   

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