Shorelight Selects Pluralsight Skills to Enhance Technology Career Readiness Skills for Students 

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By Shorelight Team
Last updated on October 13, 2022

Pluralsight Skills will help Shorelight students augment their education with technology-based skills and set them up to be successful after graduation.

BOSTON, Mass. – Shorelight has selected Pluralsight Skills to provide students with the specific technology skills and certification prep they need to complement their education and successfully transition into the technology field after graduation.

Employers in the technology field have reported a skills gap in the rapidly developing sector and need candidates with specific skills that will support a seamless transition to the workforce. Many large tech organizations are already using Pluralsight Skills to upskill their current employees.

As part of Shorelight’s mission to support students from the beginning of their education journey to their career through its global marketplace, Pluralsight Skills will help Shorelight students augment their education with technology-based skills and set them up to be successful after graduation. Beyond practicing the skills they’ll need to succeed, students can obtain certifications to show employers they are prepared for the job market.

“Shorelight is committed to providing a comprehensive education that prepares our students to be competitive and successful in today’s ever-changing job market,” Kaitlin Farris, senior vice president of Partner Operations at Shorelight, said. “Through this partnership with Pluralsight Skills, Shorelight is a one-stop-shop for students to complete their education and acquire the in-demand skills that will lead to meaningful employment.”

Pluralsight Skills allows students access to thousands of online courses and hands-on learning experiences on innovative technology topics such as cloud computing, cybersecurity, AI and machine learning, data science, and software development. Students will have the opportunity to expand their technology acumen and be prepared to compete in an increasingly digital world.

With Pluralsight Skills, Shorelight students can also take skill assessments to benchmark their progress in new technology and identify their areas of strengths and weaknesses. 

“We are thrilled that Shorelight has chosen Pluralsight Skills to help international students in their academic and career pursuits. With access to on-demand assessments and training, including hands-on learning experiences taught by the world’s leading experts, students will have the necessary tools to develop crucial technology skills in an increasingly tech-driven world,” said Don Jones, vice president of Developer Skills, Pluralsight.

Pluralsight Skills is included in Shorelight Career Services - Career Premium and will also be available for Shorelight students on an à la carte basis. Career Premium provides students access to Pluralsight Skills, as well as a virtual internship and access to employer events and other certificate workshops to round out their skill sets and ensure students are on the right path to securing OPT or other employment opportunities after graduation. 

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