Shorelight Introduces New Loan Options, Phone Plans, and More for International Students

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By Shorelight Team
Last updated on August 11, 2023

Shorelight’s latest collaborations bring new support products to improve the international student experience.

Shorelight’s newest collaborations go beyond the classroom to improve the international student experience. By providing essential services like student loans, phone plans, and more, Shorelight helps ease students’ transition into campus life in the US.

Flexible Student Loan Plans for International Students

For most international students, obtaining financial aid to support their studies can be challenging, especially without a qualified co-signer. To help fund international students’ education journey in the US, Shorelight is collaborating with MPower Financing and Prodigy Finance, international student loan servicers.

Both provide flexible student loan plans for international students pursuing degrees at eligible US colleges and universities, without the usual requirements of a cosigner, collateral, or US credit history. They offer fixed-rate loans up to $100,000 with 1.5% in interest rate discounts.

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US Phone Plans

Through campusSIMS’ exclusive partner Mint Mobile, international students can sign up and get their US phone number while in their home country and have mobile phone service ready to use as soon as they land. For $15 per month, Mint Mobile offers a free SIM card, unlimited talk and text, high-speed internet, and nationwide coverage.

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Discounted Flights

Book flights through StudentUniverse and benefit from exclusive discounts for international students! Get the best deals when you need them and benefit from 24-hour risk-free cancellation.

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Through these new collaborations, Shorelight offers essential support so international students can easily set up their finances, phone plans, and more, all before arriving in the US. Prepare in confidence before campus arrival, all the details covered, and just focus on academics, making new friends, and continuing on a successful journey!

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