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By Azara Lantra
Last updated on August 10, 2023

Congratulations to the 10 winning students of Shorelight’s first-ever Climate Change Scholarship! Read on to learn more about it and how you can get involved.

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As a part of American Collegiate Live’s Global Citizenship Course (GCC), international students participated in Shorelight’s first-ever Climate Change Scholarship workshop. Shorelight academic counselors and University of Massachusetts Boston faculty administered the new scholarship, which saw 25 international students participate.  

The Climate Change scholarship competition provided students with a meaningful project to work on as part of their final examination while also developing key skills like teamwork, critical thinking, communication, and academic research. Our students stepped up to the challenge: Many collaborated in pairs, even if they were in different countries!

Competing For the Climate Change Scholarship 

Students were tasked to research a topic of their choice related to the causes of climate change and sustainable solutions. Based on their findings, they recorded a five- to seven-minute video presenting their action plan to address key climate issues. Presentations were then submitted to a staff committee that selected winners based on the topic, presentation, quality of research, and proposed action plan. 

My professor helped me a lot with this project. I’m so grateful to be a winner!” – Thuy, Vietnam

Here Are the Winners of the Shorelight Climate Change Scholarship!

  1. Amirkhan from Kazakhstan, Melting Glaciers

  2. Zhijun from China, Melting Glaciers

  3. Yajing from China, Coral Reefs Extinction

  4. Kamila from Russia, Coral Reefs Extinction

  5. Chu from Taiwan, Environment Contradiction Between Developing Countries and Developed Countries

  6. Runqing from China, Environment Contradiction Between Developing Countries and Developed Countries

  7. Gyoohee from South Korea, Fashion & the Environment

  8. Thuy from Vietnam, Fashion & the Environment

  9. Zhenni from China, Will Climate Immigrants Be Our New Identity?

  10. Benedict from Indonesia, Deforestation in Indonesia

What Students Learned from the Scholarship Competition

In order to be considered for the scholarship, students needed to demonstrate the following skills:

  • Academic Research, Analysis, and Citation—Students had to select a specific topic that addressed climate change. To get informed, students conducted in-depth research to narrow their focus and analyzed information to identify solutions. Students were guided on how to use citations in their work to prove their findings.

  • Presentation Skills and Vocabulary—Students summarized their findings and presented them to the committee in their own words. This helped refine their vocabulary and presentation skills through practice and engaging with others.

  • Critical Thinking—Students needed to develop a climate change action plan. This led students to analyze their research and work together with their project partners to identify possible solutions.

  • International Teamwork—As many students worked in pairs, they had the opportunity to collaborate with a partner from a completely different part of the world! Additionally, students were required to devise a high-quality presentation while overcoming time differences and language barriers.

I'm very grateful to everyone, especially Professor Helfgott and his teaching assistant for giving me and my teammate an opportunity ... to participate in this competition. It was a great honor and pleasure ... to be his student and also to become one of the winners of this competition.” — Amirkhan, Kazakhstan 

The Climate Change Scholarship competition helped international students build skills, experiences, and knowledge. If you want to explore opportunities for scholarship programs at US universities and begin your journey toward a US university degree, our advisors are here to help. Our next Climate Change Scholarship workshop, open to all new students, is scheduled to begin in September 2021. Reach out to your enrollment advisor for more details. 

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