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By Matt Killorin
Last updated on August 11, 2023

International students get a warm welcome – and earn top-ranked degrees – in the American West.

University of Wyoming

A group of students sit outside on a grassy hill on campus at the University of Wyoming in Laramie, Wyoming

Nestled in the scenic Laramie Valley and in the shadow of the towering Snowy Range Mountains, the city of Laramie is home to the University of Wyoming. Students attending this leading engineering and research institution in the American West can choose from 200 challenging degree programs that build strong futures. Now, international students can also access exclusive admissions services, academic and language support, and career growth opportunities through Wyoming International.

Combining Shorelight’s dedicated student services with competitive academic programming — and the rugged beauty in and around campus — Wyoming International is an ideal study abroad program for thrill-seeking international students looking to study in the US.

“We have an amazing university in Wyoming — the state’s only university, which we want to share with the world,” says Isadora Helfgott, PhD, vice provost for global engagement. “Shorelight will be able to take our story far and wide, bring the best and brightest from all around the world to UW and, in turn, extend the university’s global footprint in countless directions.”

Research Opportunities for International Students at the University of Wyoming

The University of Wyoming is a Carnegie Classified High Research Activity institution with more than $300,000 available annually to international students for research endeavors. Popular areas of research include agricultural engineering, mineral extraction, and resource management, but there are also grant opportunities spanning diverse fields like space engineering and bioinformatics.

In addition to the wide range of funded opportunities at the state of Wyoming’s leading research institution, the UW Science Initiative is another chance for international students at the University of Wyoming to develop important career-building skills. The Science Initiative’s innovative programming includes:

Undergraduate students participating in the Science Initiative’s WRSP, for instance, build their own cutting-edge research projects under the supervision of faculty mentors. During the 2020–21 academic year, 63 scholars logged almost 14,000 hours of research. In addition, 38 scholars reported on their research activity in respected publications and through presentations, outreach, and other creative activities across the state.

Student Innovation Center WyrkShop: Dedicated to Makers

With more than 300 prestigious organizations regularly recruiting on campus, and professors who have published some of the world’s most-cited academic papers, the University of Wyoming is known for its top-ranked research opportunities both in the classroom and after graduation. The university also attracts creative entrepreneurs looking to turn their designs and wireframes into reality. Newsweek named UW one of the Best Maker Schools of 2021, partly because of the campus Wyrkshop within the UW Engineering Education and Research Building (EERB).

The EERB is one of the most advanced collaborative engineering learning facilities in the US, and UW’s flagship innovative Wyrkshop is the region’s best-equipped maker space. Students can access $1.4 million worth of cutting-edge, state-of-the-art equipment and technology to explore, learn, and build their dream prototypes.

Students can also book space, enroll in workshops, or attend special events at the Wyrkshop on campus in Laramie or other Wyrkshops located in cities across Wyoming, including Casper, Cheyenne, Evanston, and Pinedale. Wyrkshop tools and equipment available at the Laramie location include 3-D printers and scanners, power tools, CNC machines, and more.

Laramie, Wyoming: A Safe College Town with Plenty to Do

As a land-grant university, UW is part of a long tradition in the United States of creating affordable and strong-performing STEM-forward schools founded on agricultural and mechanical innovation. While there are 76 land-grant universities in the United States, only Laramie, Wyoming, offers top-ranked academics, thriving campus and college-town activities, and access to 600,000 acres of the Snowy Range Mountains to explore.

Wyoming is the least-populated state in the country and is famous for its national parks, especially Yellowstone National Park and Grand Teton National Park. Laramie, Wyoming’s most vibrant city, combines access to nature with a fun, Western, college scene. Students enjoy vegetarian comfort food at Sweet Melissa and line dancing at music venues and bars downtown, where there are several restaurants, shops, and things to do.

On campus, there are 300 student organizations; several multicultural options include the Bangladesh Students’ Association, Indian Students’ Organization, Muslim Students Association, and the Middle East & North Africa Culture Club. Sports fans will love the epic energy at War Memorial Stadium, where people from all over Wyoming gather to watch the Pokes play football.

When it’s time to get to work, students will find many professional opportunities in town and regionally, with both Cheyenne and Denver, Colorado, within driving distance. WalletHub’s 2023’s Best College Towns & Cities in America ranks Laramie among the top 70 places to attend college based on cost-effectiveness, social environment, and academic and economic opportunities.

Students can also feel safe on campus in Laramie. According to the 2019 iGraduate International Student Barometer Survey, the University of Wyoming is ranked #1 in safety among North American universities. International students, especially, have reported feeling welcomed as they arrive on campus in Laramie. In that same survey, the University of Wyoming is rated the #1 North American university for international student satisfaction with meeting American friends and feeling well-oriented on campus.

Students who embrace the winter will feel most at home in Laramie. At 2,200 meters (~7,200 feet) above sea level, Laramie can get cold and snowy during the winter months. The average temperature in January is 1-degree Celsius, and the average annual snowfall is 152 centimeters (approximately five feet).

Welcome to the Real American West

Access to the rugged Rocky Mountains is one of the biggest draws for many University of Wyoming students. Laramie is the perfect gateway to wilderness adventure activities in the surrounding mountains every season of the year. From skiing and snowboarding in the winter to mountain climbing and kayaking when the sun is shining, there are limitless recreation possibilities for outdoor enthusiasts. Students never have to explore alone — the Outdoor Programs office organizes many excursions throughout the year.

Here are six popular outdoor activities available to Wyoming International students:

  1. Skiing and snowboarding: The Snowy Range Ski and Recreation Area is less than an hour away. Training three to six times a week during winter, the Nordic Ski Team welcomes skiers of all levels and abilities and features four segments — elite racing, competitive racing, recreational racing, and non-racing. Additionally, the ski team raises $30,000 annually to get students on the slopes.

  2. Rock climbing: The Vedauwoo Recreation Area has been a popular destination for alpinists since soldiers in the 10th Mountain Division discovered its striking formations while training during WWII. When the weather isn’t cooperating, students can access the indoor rock climbing wall at Half Acre Recreation and Wellness Center on campus and even take classes and clinics in lead climbing.

  3. Horseback riding: What better place than the American West to learn how to ride? The University of Wyoming offers a course in horsemanship that teaches students how to ride, care for, and communicate with horses.

  4. Hiking: Students can explore the backcountry in confidence with the Outdoor Recreation program’s expert map clinics.

  5. Snowshoeing: Snowshoe in the Snowies with new friends! The Outdoor Recreation program leads several outings each winter.

Campus Recreation has many options with wide-ranging appeal available to Wyoming International students, from fitDEGREE-integrated yoga classes to Wellness Center massage chair bookings.

Academics Come First at Wyoming International

“At UW, we offer excellence combined with a personalized education experience for all students,” says Helfgott. “We have a terrific combination of state-of-the-art facilities and world-class expertise, and an intimate, safe, and welcoming community.”

The University of Wyoming is ranked #103 of best public schools in the United States (out of 1,625) and #187 of best value schools by U.S. News & World Report. Students benefit from the smaller class sizes at UW — averaging a 14:1 student-to-faculty ratio — and report feelings of satisfaction with their university with an average first-year retention rate of 78%, which is 13% higher than the national average.

Innovative Undergraduate Engineering Programs

Strong STEM programs stand out at the University of Wyoming: the engineering program is ranked #165 for undergraduates, with a Petroleum concentration that is ranked #7 nationwide.

Wyoming is the eighth largest crude oil and natural gas producer in the United States, and UW’s petroleum program is the state’s workforce training and research operations headquarters. Wyoming International energy and engineering majors can work on developing new coal and gas fuels at the Peabody Energy Advanced Coal Technology Lab and study the chemistry and physics of oil-water interfaces with ultrafast laser systems at the Improved Recovery Lab. Students can also complete research in one of the dozens of other cutting-edge labs and research facilities, many of which are contained within the EERB. For example, the EERB’s Drilling & Completions Simulator Lab enables students to learn and train on operating complex drilling, well control, and well servicing equipment; experience the operations of a real-world rig in a controlled environment; and prepare for potential risk scenarios they may encounter in the field.

Top-Ranked Programs in Pharmacy

The nationally accredited University of Wyoming School of Pharmacy is ranked #53 of the best pharmacy programs in the United States. Graduate students attending the School of Pharmacy can expect small class sizes and a lot of individual attention — the entire graduating class size is only 52 students per year.

Students who graduate from the pharmacy program find residency placement after graduation at a higher rate than the national average. In addition, the NAPLEX (North American Pharmacist Licensure Examination) first-time pass rate for UW graduates is 95%, and the post-grad job placement is 100%.

The Perfect Setting to Study the Natural Environment

With a combination of well-funded research opportunities, affordable access to a top-ranked education, and the great American West as your laboratory, there is possibly no better place in the world to study Earth sciences than the University of Wyoming.

Consider the Master of Science in Environment, Natural Resources & Society program at the Haub School of Environment and Natural Resources, which prepares graduates for growing careers in environmental consulting, land-use planning, science education, and more. Program alumni have been hired at the International Wolf Center, Meridian Institute, National Geographic, and at several state and federal conservation bureaus.

Wyoming International: Gateway to the American West

The University of Wyoming has a lot to offer to international students, and even more with Wyoming International’s exclusive services designed to help students achieve success in the United States.

“UW encourages and helps students expand their horizons, bring innovative thinking to their study and research, and collaborate with faculty and students within and beyond their home departments,” says Helfgott. “We offer all this in a beautiful landscape surrounded by mountains and all kinds of opportunities for getting to know the American West.”

With hundreds of degrees to choose from, including top-ranked STEM programs that take full advantage of the rugged natural resources just outside the classroom, UW is a great option for students who want to weave the outdoors into their academics.

And with Wyoming International, personalized attention starts before application and continues after arrival on campus. International students have advisors to help with visas, English and academics, career services, and more — and arrive on campus with a community waiting for them, ready to help them succeed. Find out if Wyoming International is the right fit for you!

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