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By Shorelight Team
Last updated on August 3, 2023

Learn from the best US professors in real time, in your home region, with the innovative Shorelight Live platform—the most convenient way to connect live (digitally) with top 50 universities.

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An award-winning professor arrives in their studio classroom at their university campus. They walk in and greet students from all over the world, live — and their students, who are eagerly waiting in China, India, Nigeria, and Vietnam, respond back in real time. The instructor takes a few questions, reviews their class notes, and then starts the lesson, without delay. 

This international real-time classroom is possible with our newest online learning technology platform — Shorelight Live. 

About Shorelight Live

Using cutting-edge technology, the PIEoneer Award-nominated Shorelight Live learning technology platform allows international students from all over the globe to earn a degree from top universities in the United States — without leaving their home country. 

Here is how it works: industry-leading US faculty are broadcast to screens and classrooms in your country. They interact with you in real time — lecturing and answering questions, supplying feedback, drawing up polls and surveys, and engaging with you as if they were standing physically in your classroom. 

You as the student participate using interactive whiteboards, smart stylus technology, and your laptop.  

So, when you enroll in a Shorelight Live program, you may be sitting in a classroom in Shanghai, China — but you will be talking and collaborating in real time with your peers in classrooms in Delhi, India, or Bogota, Colombia. The Shorelight Live software provides a flexible path to a US degree, wherever you are in the world.

“Even with the large geographical distance between [the University of Massachusetts] Amherst and China, interaction with students is immediate with no apparent lag in either video or audio,” says Dr. Tilman Wolf, UMass-Amherst. “In most aspects, the in-class experience from an instructor perspective mimics live teaching interaction in a classroom and, in some aspects, is superior to classroom teaching.”

Online Education — Optimized with Shorelight Live

Shorelight Live partners with a growing list of top-tier universities such as Johns Hopkins University; University of California, Berkeley; and UMass Amherst. International students can choose from a large and diverse number of degree programs and certificate programs, such as master’s degrees in engineering and computer science, AI certificates for executives, and pre-master’s graduate engineering placement programs.

Shorelight Live programs also offer many enrollment options for international students: you may earn an entire master’s degree without leaving your home country, or you may choose to do one or two semesters at home and complete your degree on campus in the US — whichever option is most attractive to you.  

You can utilize Shorelight Live’s technology in two ways:

  • Live-to-Classroom—Learn in a real classroom, with a professor lecturing live from their home university, using real-time online course platforms. You can collaborate with your peers in the classroom, both local and worldwide, and directly with your US-based university instructors.

  • Live-to-Device—Choose a location convenient for you — the office, at home, or on the go. Shorelight Live provides the equipment — all you need is your computer and an internet connection — while you learn interactively, in real time.

“Students…value their interactions with classmates and small group work,” says Wolf. “The initial assessment of our field degree program shows we can achieve high student satisfaction and high levels of interaction in the Live Platform environment.”

Today, Shorelight Live programs are offered in India, China, and Qatar. Tomorrow, Europe, South America, and East Asia. More university partners are coming soon — check back for updates! 

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