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International Students, Keep Your Degree on Track with American Collegiate Live

American Collegiate Live
virtual classroom
By Matt Killorin
Last updated on November 17, 2022

Earn US university credits that easily transfer to top-ranked US universities — and get more engagement with instructors than a typical college classroom — with American Collegiate Live’s digital classroom experience.

A female international student wearing a headscarf looks at a printed spreadsheet in front of a laptop at her kitchen table

As an international student looking to go to university in the US this fall or spring, you probably have many questions right now. How can I stay on track with my degree and dreams of studying in the USA? How can I stay safe, but still keep that personal connection with my professor and classmates? How can I be sure I am getting the credits I need in online classes? Do not worry: American Collegiate Live can help.

What Is American Collegiate Live?

Shorelight is a leading international student services group in US higher education. We teamed up with top-ranked UMass Boston to develop American Collegiate Live, an innovative digital classroom experience designed especially for international students. This exclusive program allows first-year students to keep their studies on track and earn recognized credits in foundational undergraduate courses like calculus, composition, English, business, and more.

How Does American Collegiate Live Work? How Interactive Is It? I Do Not Want to Feel Disconnected. 

When you enroll with American Collegiate Live, you still get a real, connected, human experience — all while remaining safe during these times of social distancing. 

“American Collegiate Live was built from the ground up with the classroom learning experience as the model,” says Alex Phillips, managing director of American Collegiate. “Every decision we have made, from curriculum development to technical IT decisions, was [to create] a highly interactive, engaging learning environment in which students can get to know one another and the faculty, just like they would in a face-to-face class.”

With this distance learning program, you will:

  • Start your degree in your home country

  • Take live-to-device courses at home

  • Learn from world-class faculty in real time

  • Collaborate with classmates in and out of the classroom

  • Earn recognized credits at participating US universities (and the opportunity to apply as a transfer student to dozens more top universities in the USA)

  • Receive bilingual academic support with counselors in your time zone

  • Participate in virtual campus events and get personalized guidance for your transition to the US

They are great professors. They really know what they are talking about. The exams and projects are hard, but very helpful. I met a lot of friends in the lectures.” —Zhu Jiazheng, China, Electrical & Computer Engineering

Will I Get the Attention I Need with This Distance Education Program? 

Yes — absolutely. You will actually get even more one-on-one attention than large in-person classrooms. Can you picture a large lecture hall with 300 students in it? This is the opposite of that. American Collegiate Live’s interactive classroom size is purposefully limited, so you get the attention you need. 

American Collegiate Live is designed to foster collaboration and interaction in and out of the classroom. “Students can raise their hands at any time, they are invited to ask and answer questions, and also [can use] a ton of other features, like the live, interactive whiteboard, poll questions, and short answers,” says Phillips. “Larger courses have TAs who attend class to answer chat questions and help make sure each student has an interactive experience.”

You will also study with fellow students between classes, attend your teacher’s office hours, and take advantage of bilingual tutoring support from local advisors in your time zone. 

What Technology Do You Use? Is It Just a Pre-Recorded Video?

American Collegiate Live classes are taught in real time, via the award-nominated Shorelight Live interactive platform, by instructors who teach from the UMass Boston campus in the USA. This is not “just another online learning program” — there are no pre-recorded video lectures. And of course, professors teach courses at times that are convenient to your time zone.

It is better than [a] traditional classroom. I started in China and the professor was in the US and they respond to me every time, and they are very patient. They are very easy to communicate with. I’m very excited to go to UMass for the second year.”—Wang Li, China, Electrical & Computer Engineering

How Will I Be Supported? I Am Also Worried about Transitioning to the US.

Shorelight has built an award-winning reputation for our international student support services. When you enroll at a Shorelight partner university, we offer a 360-degree set of international student services. We do everything from helping you practice for your visa interview to picking you up at the airport. We help set up your dorm room, give you a campus tour, and conduct a special orientation designed for our global cohorts. 

Once you are settled in on campus, you will also have access to ESL classes, tutoring, internships, and career services. 

How Do I Apply to American Collegiate Live?

It is easy — your personal enrollment advisor works with you step-by-step to complete your application, ready your student visa requirements, and prepare you for your first semester of online classes. Your Shorelight advisor is also there for you when campus reopens and coronavirus travel restrictions are lifted. 

Which Universities Are Participating in American Collegiate Live?

Your bachelor credits earned through American Collegiate Live are recognized at the following Tier 1 universities in the USA:

Each of these universities has top programs in the most popular majors for international students including business, computer science, economics, engineering, finance, hospitality, liberal arts, STEM, and more. All totaled, you have access to 2,000+ undergraduate programs — so plenty of options.  

Among the other US universities that American Collegiate students have transferred to are Boston University, Michigan State University, Northeastern University, Ohio State University, University of Colorado Boulder, University of Minnesota Twin Cities, University of Texas at Arlington, and more. 

“For students who are unable to travel to the US at the moment, you should do everything you can to be engaged in higher education, ideally by taking high-quality courses from excellent institutions,” says Phillips. 

“The longer students are away from classes, the harder it will be to dive back in,” he continues. “Campuses in the US are going to re-open. They will do so when they determine it is safe. In the meantime, we should all be doing as much as we can to continue on the path of lifelong learning. We are lucky to live in a time when technological innovation has broken down geographic boundaries.”

Contact an enrollment advisor today to learn more about American Collegiate Live