An Indian Grad Student Loves Campus Life at Cleveland State

Cleveland State University
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By Shorelight Team
Last updated on August 2, 2023

Indian engineering student K. Aditya found opportunity, experience, and diversity at Cleveland State University.

K. AdityaIndiaCleveland State University

After receiving his undergraduate degree back home in Hyderabad, Indian grad student K. Aditya knew he wanted to pursue a master’s in electrical engineering in the US. After careful consideration, he chose Cleveland State University. 

In his search for an academic program and campus life that would make him feel at home, he made his decision. “I chose Cleveland State for its reputation and ranking, and campus located in the heart of the city,” he says. 

A Warm Welcome

“There were many opportunities to meet people on campus,” the Indian international student says, referring to the Indian Student Association and International Friendships, Inc. “Through these student groups, I even connected with other students before my arrival in the US.” This made the transition to life in Cleveland easier for K. Aditya.

“Cleveland State has a large international student body, with many students from India,” says K. Aditya. In Cleveland, he found the foods he craved, Indian festivals celebrated by the local community, and an easily accessible Hindu temple. 

Cleveland State has a large international student body, with many students from India.” – K. Aditya, MS in Engineering, Cleveland State University

New Perspectives, Big Success

“I was challenged by rewarding coursework, learning the importance of remaining proactive in asking questions,” he says. Cleveland State’s Engaged Learning internship program – which places more than 3,000 student-interns a year – provided ample opportunity to develop his professional skills.

“The Campus Activities Board provided students with job preparation and opportunities to network,” he says. “The US has amazing opportunities for higher education and Cleveland State offers many part-time jobs to students.” Getting professional experience while pursuing his degree was an added benefit to studying at Cleveland State.

In addition to earning his degree, making new friends and finding an Indian community 8,000 miles away from home, the Indian study abroad student also gained new perspectives during his time at Cleveland State. 

“I loved the learning flexibility, coupled with meeting others from different cultures,” K. Aditya said. “Studying in the US is an experience I’ll never forget.”

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