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By Matt Killorin
Last updated on August 10, 2023

Prepare for a data-driven career and finish in just one year.

University of Dayton

A female international student studying for her master of business analytics with UDayton Global stands in front of a business presentation in a conference room in front of a table of colleagues

International students looking for a cutting-edge career in technology have a new option at the University of Dayton. The UDayton master of business analytics program combines data science and business administration and prepares students for careers that use math, statistics, and analysis to make strategic business decisions. With a 25% job growth forecast between 2019–2029, business analytics capitalizes on the trend of data-driven decision-making in business and is projected to continue as technology improves. 

“It’s a growing field with high demand, [and] different careers popping up,” said Lindsey Garbenis, managing director, Campus Admissions, at UDayton Global. “Having this degree will serve a lot of our students in a positive way.” 

Garbenis notes that many students in UDayton Global’s popular computer science master’s program are even considering switching over to the new business analytics offering. Let’s take a closer look to see why. 

What Is Business Analytics? 

Now more than ever, businesses collect information about how consumers interact with them. As consumers, we leave a trail of data — from online browsing to credit card purchases — that influences marketing, customer service, and even operations decisions. Business analysts use intelligence tools, mathematical models, programming, and science to help organizations understand this data and use it to create competitive advantages.  

The master of business analytics (MBAN) program at the University of Dayton combines intensive analytical courses focusing on mathematical and programming skills with classes that help students understand how to define problems, create solutions, and better communicate the results of data analysis work. 

“We include machine learning, advanced business analytics, data management, [and] data analytics in the program, and then students get into more high-level organizational problem-solving,” said Garbenis. “So, they’re going to learn about process and technique, analyze different case studies, and then close out the program with a capstone project.” 

What Careers Do Business Analytics Majors Have?

The growing field of business analytics comprises many career options and opportunities as data science can be applied in vastly different areas from market research to operations. Some data scientists focus exclusively on programming and learning about the newest tools for data visualization. Career options for MBAN students in this category include: 

Application Architect 

Average salary: $140,789

Job description: Build software and applications that help capture, represent, and communicate data query results 

Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Average salary:  $251,835

Job description: Manage all technological strategy decisions for an organization’s highest level 

Engineer (machine learning)

Average salary: $113,143

Job description: Create and build algorithms and programs that enable machine automation 

Other business analytics master’s candidates concentrate more on analysis, rather than the tech-driven processes behind the analysis. With more focus on math and statistics, this type of student will be interested in business intelligence and process and technique courses. Career options for MBAN students in this category include: 

Business Intelligence Analyst

Average salary:  $85,274

Job description: Discover and review data sets from customers to create finance, market, and other reports that influence overall organizational strategy 

Chief Data Officer (CDO)

Average salary:  $173,980

Job description: Create, manage, and define data strategy for an organization using several methods and tools for business intelligence collection and analysis 

Data Scientist 

Average salary:  $96,455

Job description: Set up, manage, and analyze data collection, often for predictive, descriptive, or prescriptive reasons 

Why Study Business Analytics at the University of Dayton? 

UDayton Global’s MBAN program is competitive and rigorous. Top-rated professors teach classes, and students benefit from having real-world work experience built into the curriculum. 

“It’s a program with a smaller cohort,” said Garbenis. “So international students are going to get a lot of personalized attention, and a lot of close contact [with] the faculty who have a lot of experience in many different fields.”

The capstone project for the business analytics program places students with enterprise-level businesses and gives them a chance to practice their skills. According to Garbenis, students submit project plans that implement data analytics and reporting into real work settings during their capstone projects. 

In addition, students who wish to apply for the 24-month STEM extension to their Optional Practical Training (OPT) visas are eligible through UDayton Global’s MBAN program. 

“That’s one of the things students are really excited about,” Garbenis said.

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Finally, students can also earn the following certificates in addition to their master’s degree: 

  • Business Intelligence

  • Cybersecurity Management

  • Project Management

  • System Analysis and Design

Each certificate requires nine credits (or three courses). Students interested in earning a certificate must submit a separate application from the MBAN program.

Get Your Master’s Degree in Just One Year

The business analytics program is different from other areas of study at the University of Dayton, with four 11-week modules instead of two semesters. The program has start dates in October, January, and July. Additionally, undergraduate UDayton Global students can get a jump on their master’s degree their senior year by enrolling in the accelerated Bachelor’s Plus Master’s (BPM) program. Postgrads can reduce the two-year program to one by registering with the summer cohort. 

“If they want to complete the entire degree in one calendar year,” said Garbenis, “and if they start during the July quarter, they can do that.”

International Students Receive Unmatched Support

International students in the UDayton Global program have access to all the resources they need to have a successful study abroad experience in the United States. From language and academic support to assistance in finding internships and work opportunities, the Global team is there to help students each step of the way.

“We have really amazing tutors who are actually international students that are a little bit further along in the program and they provide a lot of support to the newer students who need a little extra help,” said Garbenis. “They deal with anything from homesickness to finding housing, health insurance, and getting acclimated to life in the US and Dayton.” 

UDayton Global also offers a streamlined application process for international students and can help personalize educational experiences to fit a student’s career goals. And when it’s time to take a break from studies, the UDayton Global team is also there to help students build community and explore the US. 

“Our student services team is amazing at getting the students together for different events so that they can create their own network and make friends,” said Garbenis. “They provide that support that really makes international students feel comfortable here.” 

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