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By Matt Killorin
Last updated on August 9, 2023

American Collegiate’s rigorous first-year program gives international students the tools they need to succeed at top-tier universities in the US.

MarianaMexicoAmerican Collegiate LA

Mariana, an international student from Mexico at American Collegiate Los Angeles, smiles while standing on the beach

As international student Mariana prepares for her bachelor’s degree program, she credits the American Collegiate, Los Angeles (LA) program with helping her on her journey to a top-tier university in the US. 

“I think that that jump from Mexico to the United States would have been a lot harder if I hadn’t come to American Collegiate,” said Mariana. She was recently accepted at multiple prestigious US universities, including New York University (NYU), to continue studying for her bachelor’s degree. “All the advisors are very thorough; they explain how the system works, how to improve. [Advisors are] available every day [and] the tutoring services helped me thrive.”

American Collegiate, LA, is an elite, first-year, undergraduate program that’s designed to help international students transfer to highly selective universities to continue their studies. With the help of expert advisors, tutors, and the substantial resources at University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) Extension, international students who successfully complete the program are academically prepared, confident, and ready to succeed at top-ranked universities around the United States. 

If you don’t feel like you’re ready to jump from your country’s education system to the education system in the US, or if you don’t know what to major in, or what you want your university life to be, then come to American Collegiate.” —Mariana, Mexico 

In addition to preparing international students for their studies at an elite university, American Collegiate, LA, offers: 

  • Individualized advice and support, from visa application to program completion. 

  • Transfer guidance to support students in their journeys toward their “best-fit” universities in the United States.

  • Lifetime access to the UCLA alumni network and career services — including job listings and networking events.*

While attending American Collegiate, LA, students from all over the world live and study in the Westwood Village neighborhood in Los Angeles, the world’s entertainment capital. 

“One of my favorite moments in the US was at the dining table with my French, German, and Brazilian roommates, learning how to speak in each language,” Mariana said. “Also, at Universal Studios on Halloween Horror Night with two of my best friends on holiday in America. It was so scary, but it was a fun experience. All of those experiences made my university life at American Collegiate extraordinary.” 

Since her senior year of secondary school, Mariana knew she wanted to study in the United States, but she wasn’t prepared for international university life. Coming to Los Angeles — one of the most vibrant and exciting cities in the US — was a big change for her. Having friends in the same situation, as well as the advisors and resources available at American Collegiate, helped her feel ready for the next step.

“The staff at American Collegiate provided me with thoughtful, thorough guidance and transfer advice throughout my year here,” Mariana said. “All of those talks and conversations with advisors made me realize what I wanted for a major and minor.” 

Having completed her work at American Collegiate, LA, Mariana is excited to start the next chapter of her educational journey in the United States. 

“I can’t wait to ... study chemistry, [and] minor in public health. It will be very awesome,” Mariana said. “I hope it will be as great an experience as I had at American Collegiate.”

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*Access to alumni network and career services available upon successful completion of UCLA Extension’s General Studies Certificate, a unique certificate program designed specifically for American Collegiate, Los Angeles, students. All students are automatically enrolled in UCLA Extension’s General Studies Certificate upon admission to American Collegiate, LA.