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By Sakina Taher
Published on November 21, 2023

Meet William Schaper, Adelphi International’s student services director, whose extensive experience in international higher education helps him guide international students toward success.

William SchaperAdelphi University

William Schaper, Adelphi International student services director at Adelphi University, stands in front of a colorful wall.

With a passion to educate the world and support international students in the US, Adelphi International Student Services Director William Schaper is ready to help students succeed. Leveraging his experiences working in Spain, at Auburn Global in Alabama, and now Adelphi International, William brings a unique global perspective to his work encouraging international students to discover their strengths while pursuing their studies.  

Read on to learn more about his path to become student services director at Adelphi International.

William’s Journey to Adelphi University

William brings an extensive international higher education background to Adelphi International. Early in his career he taught in Spain, which gave him a taste of what students experience when studying abroad. 

“My experiences in Spain brought me into the Shorelight family,” he said. “Adapting to a new culture, understanding what it means to be on the outside of that culture, and having a hard time integrating, knowing what strengths you had to rely on to be successful living abroad” all inform the work he does today.

After five years teaching in Spain, William worked as a student services advisor at Auburn Global, then became Auburn Global’s assistant student services director. In 2018, he relocated to New York City from Alabama to take on the role of associate student services director for Adelphi International at Adelphi University. Today, he proudly serves as Adelphi International’s student services director, a position he took on in 2022.

In addition to relocating from Spain, moving from Alabama to New York helped William gain a better understanding of the challenges international students face moving to a new environment. At Adelphi, he’s motivated every day to empower international students to embrace risks, new experiences, academic achievement, and career opportunities during their higher education in the US.

Opportunities at Adelphi International

Ranked #67 in Best Value Schools by U.S. News & World Report, Adelphi University provides diverse academic programs in the arts, education, STEM, and more. The university’s welcoming and supportive campus community, small class sizes, and picturesque campus provide a learning environment where students can focus and pursue their academic and career goals. 

With a prime location on Long Island, the university’s close proximity to New York City allows students to attend classes in the morning and pursue afternoon internships in the city, laying the foundation for their future careers. 

“In New York it is a bit different because the opportunities are all around you,” William said. Every week there are “tens if not hundreds of opportunities through the New York Chamber of Commerce, through networking, social events, and things like that in the city,” he added. Unique “only in New York” opportunities include the Levermore Global Scholars program, which partners regularly with the United Nations, giving students the chance to network with influential changemakers from around the world.

The Student Success Team at Adelphi International 

The student success team at Adelphi International is dedicated to providing individual support to every international student. The team collaborates with students and provides a safe space to share concerns, ask questions, and discuss career development plans. 

“We are a small but dedicated team that is there to help you personally in all facets of your academic and personal experience,” William said. 

The team conducts weekly meetings to track each student’s progress, creating a strong support system for students during their study abroad program. From seeking guidance on which classes to take to participating in extracurricular activities, learning about the city, and more, students can access a wide range of resources by getting in touch with William and the Adelphi International team.

“We are going to be making you successful, and you are going to enjoy yourself while you are here too,” he said. “A diverse group of people are here to help you. You will not just be meeting people from the US, but all over the world, talented students from all sorts of different backgrounds, from performing arts to computer science, politics to law.”

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William’s Advice to International Students

William encourages international students to actively embrace opportunities, get involved in campus life, and be open to all types of experiences — especially the challenging ones. 

“You are going to come over here and make plenty of mistakes, but mistakes are the way that we learn,” he said. “As long as you are making those mistakes and learning in an environment where you are supported, can be critiqued, and [can] move on and learn from your experiences, that is the way [you are] really going to succeed.” 

And there’s nothing quite like living and studying in New York, William said. “We have students who [came] years ago and continue to be here because it really is one of the best places in the world to live. Once you find your niche, once you get into the swing of things, you will not regret being here.” 

With the support of William and his team, you too can achieve your career goals in the US. Take the first step toward your academic journey and learn more about Adelphi University today!

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