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By Sakina Taher
Last updated on August 11, 2023

Russian, German, Vietnamese, and English — Student Ambassador My’s international background and unique skill set helps her connect with international students at Auburn Global.

Thu Trang "My"VietnamAuburn University

Thu Trang, a student ambassador at Auburn Global, smiles for the camera while standing on a beach

Thu Trang, also known as My, is a junior in the business marketing program at Auburn University. Originally from Vietnam, she also studied in Russia and Germany before coming to Alabama. With her international background — and mastery of four languages — she’s well-equipped to support international students as a student ambassador for Auburn Global.

My’s Journey to a US Education 

My began her bachelor’s degree studies at a German university, studying international business, but when the pandemic hit, her plans changed. 

“During the pandemic, I was fortunate enough to have a spring break and I went back to visit my parents in Vietnam,” she said. “But after a month, [with the] COVID outbreak spreading throughout Europe, my parents were worried that I would not be safe there by myself. So, they decided that I should take an online course at home.”

Her search for a good online university program led My to American Collegiate Live, where she studied with UMass Boston professors and got a taste of what US university classes are like. After one semester, she was confident about studying in the US.

“I realized that American education suited me more,” she said. “I started to like the way that they teach, and I told my parents that, ‘yeah, maybe I like US more.’ That is how I ended up going to Auburn University!”

My’s Experiences at Auburn Global

Ranked #97 in national universities by U.S. News & World Report, Auburn University is renowned for offering prestigious academic programs and hands-on learning opportunities tailored to students’ individual strengths and interests. 

I feel like there [are] a lot of things that [are] really amazing since the first day that I arrived in the US. I believe that Auburn Global did a great job assisting students, especially international students like me.” — My, student ambassador at Auburn Global

My appreciates the welcoming atmosphere and close-knit community at Auburn. The supportive learning environment allowed her to focus on her studies and encouraged her to explore her passions by discussing her ideas with professors and fellow students. 

Auburn offers many on-campus activities, such as clubs and societies, football and basketball games, and volunteering opportunities, to help students become part of the Auburn Family.

The career fair is an event My looks forward to every semester. It gives students the chance to connect with companies that they might want to work for in the future, to participate in mock interviews, and apply for internships. 

My’s Role as a Student Ambassador for Auburn Global

My is also passionate about learning different languages — her early education in Russia helped her learn Russian, and she transitioned to secondary school in Vietnam where she learned Vietnamese and English. With her multilingual skills, she can connect with international students easily.

“When my German roommate first came here, her English was not good,” she said. “So, every time she was struggling to say some word, she would ask me in German. We bonded like that, because we helped each other speak a different language!”

As a student ambassador for Auburn Global, My feels honored with her responsibility to support international students transitioning into university life. She understands that adapting to a new cultural setting, learning a different language, and living alone can be challenging, but she is ready to help students overcome their struggles and make the most of their time on campus. 

“If I can contribute in any way to help them understand and help them get used to the environment more, that’s what makes me feel really happy,” she said.

My’s Advice for International Students

My believes you should never stop looking for your true calling, and choosing a field you love can make your academic journey a rewarding and enjoyable experience. She says her experience in the US has given her the chance to meet many different people from various cultures, and to travel to many places, which has made her cherish her journey so far. 

“Just put yourself out there,” she said. “Go travel and discover new things by yourself, because the time you get to study in the university, that’s the time you learn and still enjoy student life, and develop yourself.”

Like My, you, too, can embark on a journey of discovering your potential in the US. Shorelight counselors can help you choose programs that interest you and will support your career goals. From before you apply all the way to your graduation, Shorelight also offers visa help and application assistance, career development planning, and much more.  

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