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By Sakina Taher
Last updated on August 11, 2023

Through Utah Global, managing director Everton Araujo encourages international students to make outstanding changes in the world.

University of Utah

Everton Araujo, managing director of Utah Global at the University of Utah, is passionate about inspiring and guiding international students to pursue their educational goals in the US. What makes Utah Global the best place for international students to begin their academic and professional journeys? Read on to learn more about Araujo’s story and the opportunities available for international students at the University of Utah.

Araujo’s Journey to Utah Global

“I have been living in Utah for nearly 16 years,” Araujo says. “I came here as an international student a long time ago and I ended up staying here, graduating, and getting my master’s here. Utah has been my home for a good part of my life now. [It’s a] really exciting place and great things are happening!” 

His journey began in 2007, when he arrived as an international student from Brazil with a basketball scholarship. He spent four years as a student athlete studying business administration. After completing his undergraduate degree, Araujo began his master’s program in public administration and has been involved in the field of higher education ever since.

The International Student Experience at the University of Utah

Located in Salt Lake City, the University of Utah is ranked #99 among national universities, according to U.S. News & World Report. With 34,000 graduate and undergraduate students, the University of Utah is the largest university in the state.

Utah has so much to offer, Araujo says. “I like to think the state of Utah is this hidden treasure, a place where you have a little bit of everything. You have shopping, concerts, and on top of that the great outdoors. You get to hike and bike and go swimming near the lakes. In the winters, you have skiing and snowboarding. There is so much to do!” 

The international student community at the University of Utah accounts for roughly 10% of the student body, and Utah Global’s services support international students as they integrate into their new academic and living environment. Academic directors and student advisors are all well trained in their fields and understand the needs of international students when they come to the US. Friendly and welcoming staff offer international students assistance with English-language tutoring, understanding American culture, providing emotional support, and guiding them through any challenges they face in their new lives in the US.

Araujo takes pride in the supportive and friendly atmosphere at Utah Global. “We can be their family, we can be their home away from home for our students,” he says. “We can provide a community, and that’s what keeps me coming back to the office every day. It excites me to see our students be successful.”

Dreaming Big with ‘Imagine U’ at Utah Global

The University of Utah slogan ‘Imagine U’ inspires students to visualize what they would like to be in the future, thinking beyond their major to consider their overall purpose and goals in life. When students come to the University of Utah, they can access a wide variety of programs, services, and student groups to successfully pursue their goals.

Whether it is [being] an entrepreneur, engineer, or dancer, that is what the University of Utah is all about! That is what ‘Imagine U’ is all about,” Araujo says. “It is about you becoming what you want to be in the world and fulfilling that, and allowing the University of Utah to provide you with the tools to achieve.”

In recent years, the state of Utah has experienced substantial economic growth, which has translated into big opportunities, on campus and off. With so many possibilities in and around Salt Lake City, students are encouraged to try different career pathways, network, and grow professionally.

For Araujo, prioritizing education is the most important objective for students. He holds great respect for international students who come to study in the US for a better future and encourages them to make the most of the opportunities available to them in the US. 

“Fear not! There are opportunities here and much to look forward to in the future,” he says. “You, as students, are the ones [who] are going to change the world. There is no reason to pause your dreams and goals because of the challenges of today. Being prepared for them with a really good education, that is the best thing you can do for yourself and your family.”

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