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By Sakina Taher
Last updated on August 11, 2023

Angi Wang, student success manager at the International Accelerator Program at the University of South Carolina, shares her outlook on student life and how international students can adapt to life in the US.

University of South Carolina

Angi Wang is a student success manager with the International Accelerator Program at the University of South Carolina. In addition to managing support services for first-year international students at UofSC, she teaches the first segment of the“Live, Learn, Grow” three-course series, designed to support international students’ transition into their new university environment.

Read on to learn how Angi supports international students as they pursue their career goals, develop key skills, and have unforgettable experiences at the University of South Carolina!

What Does a Student Success Manager Do at the University of South Carolina?

During her six years as a student success manager and professional educator, Angi has supported students as they adapt to life at a US university. This can cover all types of activities: helping students enroll in language proficiency courses, navigating around campus, introducing them to important campus resources, and more. 

“I manage the student services team here and help take care of students in and outside of the classroom,” says Angi. For example, “if they don’t know how to get a driver’s license, or where to find a good restaurant near campus, I’m the one they come to!”

What Is the International Accelerator Program at the University of South Carolina? 

Located in beautiful Columbia, South Carolina, the University of South Carolina is recognized for its business, honors college, and sport science programs. In collaboration with Shorelight, the International Accelerator Program welcomes first-year international students with support services covering the university’s culture, campus life, and academics, all with the goal of easing students’ transition to a US university environment. 

“I wish I [had been] in a program like this,” says Angi, who came to the US as an international student from Taiwan. “When I first got here, I didn’t know anyone and I was not familiar with the culture. Right now, my role is [to help] international students find housing, [make] sure students know how to get to grocery stores, and [take] them to the bank. I do all this for my students [so] they don’t have to go through the same challenges that I did.”

The International Accelerator Program also covers every stage of an international student’s academic journey, from the application process to a well-rounded orientation program. At UofSC, Angi advises students on which programs, educational fairs, and events to attend, and connects students with organizations and professionals that provide internship opportunities.

Additionally, career services for international students are covered through UofSC’s Career Accelerator program. Students learn how to write resumes and cover letters, prepare for an interview, and develop professional skills to explore a variety of career pathways. 

How Are International Students Supported at the University of South Carolina?

Angi works closely with international students to help them feel comfortable in their new environment, as many may initially feel homesick or anxious. She pays close attention to see who may need extra support. 

“Body language tells a lot of stories about the student’s mood and what they are going through, and that is one of the signs I use to tell whether the student is getting used to the environment or not,” she says.

Angi understands that international students may need additional assistance with learning English and she provides support for skill development and improvement, so students can maximize their potential inside and outside the classroom. 

She also connects students with faculty members who are deeply involved in their relevant industries, giving students a valuable start to building a professional network for their future careers. 

No request is too big or small: If international students at UofSC need academic advice, want to join extracurricular clubs, or need moral guidance, Angi is their go-to source of support. 

“We value student experiences so much. We want you to have the best time, professionally, academically, culturally, and personally,” says Angi. “I always tell new students who just got here that, once you get here, I will take care of you. All you will have to focus on is your studies! I will take care of the rest.”

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