Auburn University and Shorelight Announce Innovative New Program

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By Shorelight Team
Last updated on July 31, 2015

Since 2015, Auburn Global has combined intensive English-language instruction with course work and supplemental support resources that help acclimate international students to Auburn and the surrounding community.

This image shows Shorelight's company logo: a traditional fishing-style lantern in orange.

Auburn University and Shorelight announced the creation of an innovative new program to support Auburn’s efforts to attract, recruit and retain the most qualified and capable international students from across the world.

The newly created International Accelerator Program (IAP) will provide wraparound support to international students and help them thrive in Auburn’s rigorous academic environment. The IAP will also assist them as they become an integral part of the Auburn community and navigate the cultural and social differences of an American university education.

The IAP is a demanding academic program that combines intensive English language instruction with course work and supplemental support resources that help acclimate the students to Auburn and the surrounding community. The program will be offered to students at multiple levels depending upon a student’s English proficiency level. Upon successful completion of the IAP program, students will be eligible to enroll in Auburn’s degree programs with sophomore status. The first students will be enrolled beginning in August 2015.

“We are thrilled to partner with Auburn University to bring the best international students from across the world to become a part of Auburn’s extraordinary community,” said Tom Dretler, CEO and cofounder of Shorelight. “As hundreds of thousands of students from across the world seek to continue their education in the United States, we will provide the tools and services they need to thrive at Auburn and provide a global perspective for their peers.”

The new program comes at a time of increased demand from international students seeking an American college experience and while academic institutions are striving for more globally diverse campus environments.

According to the Institute of International Education, a record setting 886,052 foreign students came to the United States to study in the 2013-2014 school year. With this partnership, Auburn is uniquely positioned to attract top students from around the world to its campus while bringing global diversity and new perspectives to the Auburn student body.

“Auburn’s partnership with Shorelight will strategically strengthen the university’s reputation as a campus without borders by showcasing our academic programs and increasing our student diversity,” said Timothy Boosinger, provost and vice president for Academic Affairs. “These students will add value to our campus community through their diverse perspectives and opportunities to enhance global perspectives among our students.”

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