Shorelight helps international students attend top universities in the U.S.
Shorelight helps international students attend top universities in the U.S.

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Attend an Upcoming Webinar and Learn More about Shorelight Partner Universities

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Last updated on October 29, 2020

International students, our webinars cover academics, campus life, and internships at our top-ranked university partners; distance-learning programs; and more.

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If you are an international student interested in attending university in the US, register to attend an upcoming Shorelight webinar! Designed to answer all your questions about our partner universities and programs, our webinars provide essential information for your journey toward a US degree. 

With current travel restrictions and health concerns, webinars are an ideal way to learn more about the US universities that interest you: connect with our local campus teams, get step-by-step guidance for the application process, and see exclusive demos of new products and services. 

Upcoming Shorelight Webinars

Click any link to learn more and register!

Webinars for Undergraduate International Students

Webinars for Graduate International Students

We update this page regularly with upcoming events, so check back often to see the latest schedule. 

We look forward to seeing you virtually soon!

Is there a specific webinar topic you would like to request? Let us know at–or click the “Ask an Advisor” button on the right!