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ACT and Shorelight Partner to Offer the Confident Start Initiative

By Shorelight Team
Published on March 17, 2020

With Confident Start, students who have graduated high school can begin their US university studies on time, anywhere in the world, and remain on pace to earn first-year academic credits.

Iowa City, IOWA — ACT, Hudson Global Scholars, and Shorelight have joined forces to launch ACT Passport, a toolkit of flexible learning options designed to support international students impacted by the COVID-19 outbreak.

ACT Passport provides international students who are temporarily unable to travel to the United States the ability to complete their high school education, prepare for studies in the US and even begin their US university education on time.

There are two ways this initiative helps students stay on track. The ACT World High School Program offers high school seniors the ability to complete their senior year online and receive a US high school diploma, and through the ACT Confident Start Initiative, students who have graduated high school can begin their US university studies on time, anywhere they are in the world, and remain on pace to earn first-year academic credits.

“This collaboration is a natural fit that will benefit students, parents and universities,” said ACT CEO Marten Roorda. “ACT is committed to providing navigational pathways that help guide students to success in education and career. Through this agreement with Hudson and Shorelight, ACT Passport provides opportunities and assurance for students whose plans to complete high school and begin study in the US have been interrupted by this very unfortunate situation.”

How it Works

ACT World High School

The ACT World High School US diploma program is designed to provide international students with the required knowledge to earn a US high school diploma and remain on track to attend a US college/university. Students are required to complete six courses online in math, English, science, social studies, and two elective courses.

ACT World High School is a great resource for international students being impacted by COVID-19. We are proud to join forces with ACT to help students who have spent a lifetime preparing for their post-secondary education.” - Mac Gamse, CEO, Hudson Global Scholars

ACT Confident Start

With Shorelight’s American Collegiate Live program, students around the world receive live, synchronous instruction tailored to their English language proficiency. UMass Boston faculty teach from a state-of-the-art studio with cutting-edge tools — from infinite whiteboards to student Zoom functionality — that create an optimal learning environment. Real-time faculty-led discussions, bilingual support, and academic advising work together to drive student success.

“Following the outbreak of COVID-19, we heard the concerns and anxieties of international students and their families that were facing dramatic disruptions to their academic journeys as a result of travel restrictions. We are partnering with ACT to bridge the gap,” said Tom Dretler, CEO, Shorelight. “Many students graduating high school right now across the globe cannot afford to simply sit out their freshmen year. Our goal is to make sure that they can advance their future goals and join their American counterparts with minimal impacts and delays.”

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