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2020 US Election Update from CEO Tom Dretler

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By Tom Dretler
Last updated on March 18, 2021

Joe Biden has been elected President of the United States. Shorelight CEO Tom Dretler goes over what the 2020 election results mean for international students.

The White House lawn with fountain in front

Now that Joe Biden has been declared the winner of the 2020 US Presidential election, we wanted to take a moment to connect with you about its implications for international students across the world. 

Since our founding in 2013, Shorelight has sought at every turn to advocate for policies in Washington, D.C., that supported the aspirations of international students seeking a transformative US university experience. This effort took place across both the Obama and Trump administrations, and it will continue to take place when Biden’s administration assumes leadership in January. 

We have every expectation that a Biden administration will not only be welcoming to international students, but will also bring stability, predictability, and a spirit of collaboration to Washington, D.C. Like the American universities we work with, the incoming Biden administration believes in diversity, inclusion, and openness. 

As the final votes are tallied and certified over the coming days, it will be a critical moment for the United States as we navigate a peaceful transition of power, just as we have countless times throughout our history. Our commitment continues to be first and foremost to the health, safety, and success for our students – and with the benefit of new leadership here in the United States, we are confident that the coming months and years ahead will represent a new era of prosperity and engagement with international students and our partners from across the world. 


Tom Dretler

CEO, Shorelight