Weekly News Round-Up: April 20, 2023

By Shorelight Team
Published on April 20, 2023

Each week the Shorelight team rounds up trusted headlines on the latest in international education and all things impacting students and universities.

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Will This Be the ‘Indian Century’? Four Key Questions

This is an interesting read on how the population landscape is changing. Countries around the world are dealing with aging populations causing significant demographic shifts. In India, the UN estimates they are currently at 1.428 billion people. This puts them ahead of mainland China.

Graphic source: NY Times

“The gentle slope of the demographic curve propelling India into first place looks enviable to the many developed nations that are rapidly aging. Indians are living longer, and the number of babies being born each year has barely budged. Unlike China, which is facing the hangover of its decades under the one-child policy, India faces no steep drop-off and accompanying economic and social dangers. It has a young and expanding work force as China’s grays and contracts.”

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Inflation and Housing Costs vs. International Education

An interesting article about the motivations and concerns of international students who are thinking about studying abroad. There has been a lot of news about the high cost of living and housing shortages in both Australia and the UK, with tuition always being an issue for the US. This article highlights the fact that students are looking at a host of factors when making their choice of destination. They are looking at the overall costs however, post-graduation work opportunities remain a deciding factor. According to this survey, the US has increased by a few percentage points when it comes to visas and opportunities. 

“The combination of the policy settings—the visa opportunity and … meaningful access to real post-study employment—is what students want, and that’s coming through clear in the research,” she said. Employment outcome perceptions were also higher in the U.S. than in Britain or Australia” Joanna Storti added.

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Cardona Grilled at House Budget Hearing

Secretary of Education Cardona spent a long afternoon in front of the House Budget Committee this week. There is a real divide along party lines as to what the priorities should be for the Secretary. The session included discussions on transgender bans, TikTok, student loans, and Pell Grants. The GOP is looking for a return to pre-pandemic budget levels which would be a 22% cut for the agency.

“While some choose to look at our Title IX proposal as a point of division, I look at it as an opportunity for me to express as a father and as an educator the passion that I have for all students benefiting from those opportunities that our schools provide,” Cardona said. “All means all, and we will not tolerate discrimination.”

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