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How to Ace your Visa Interview with Yvette Bansal

Do not miss a chance to join Yvette Bansal, a former US visa officer (US Diplomat) and founder of Udeti LLC, for advice and guidance on how to prepare for your F-1 visa application and ace your F-1 visa interview.

Yvette has served at Embassy New Delhi and Consulate General Mumbai and adjudicated over forty thousand non-immigrant (NIV) and immigrant visas (IV) and has worked with applicants from every major visa category, including F1/F2, H1B, J1, B1/B2, L1, O1, and others. Additionally, she served as the Deputy Fraud Prevention Manager in Mumbai. Yvette will provide a valuable advice about the visa interview flow, what visa officers pay attention to, and how to best prepare for your visa interview.
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