About Us

International Student Success at Scale
Founded in 2013, Shorelight works with universities across the US to create innovative programs that deliver comprehensive educational services to international students. Our platform connects international students, universities, and service providers to drive student enrollment and performance at scale. We do this so that a more globally diverse population can lead and prosper for generations to come. Together, we help educate the world.
  • Students

    We support students throughout their entire educational journey to help them succeed and become exceptional leaders in a globally connected world.

  • Universities

    We collaborate with universities to design and implement programs that lead to successful outcomes for all international students, from graduation to career.

  • Outcomes

    ​​We invest in opportunities that ensure the US remains open and welcoming to international students. Our mission and success is rooted in positive student outcomes.

How it works

See how Shorelight’s innovative programs, products, and services help students and partners succeed
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Pamela Bates
Chief Operating Officer
Basil Cleveland
Executive Vice President and Co-founder
Johan De Muinck Keizer
Senior Vice President and Chief Legal Officer
Tom Dretler
Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder
Ranil Herath
Chief Revenue Officer
Adam Packer
Chief Financial Officer
Alyssa Snyder
Chief Technology Officer
Gautam Bazaz
Vice President, Corporate Development
Dominic Berardi
Vice President, Government Affairs
Bill Colvin
Senior Vice President, Global Solutions
Kaitlin Fadavi
Senior Vice President, Partner Operations
John Kissell
Vice President, Corporate Communications
Kim Maloney
Vice President, Human Resources
Brian Meagher
Vice President, Marketing and Digital Platforms
Chirag Parekh
Vice President, Global Student Acquisition
Board of Directors
Chris Hoehn-Saric, Sr.
Co-founder, Sterling Partners
Andrew Cohen
Board Member
Chief Investment Officer and Co-founder of Cohen Private Ventures, LLC
William Hansen
Board Member
Chief Executive Officer and President, USA Funds
Nancy Hung
Board Member
Head of Private Equity and Co-Head of Portfolio Management, Cohen Private Ventures
Jeffery Keith
Board Member
Senior Operating Partner, Sterling Partners
John D. Kelly
Board Member
Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, Huron Consulting Group
James Roth
Board Member
Chief Executive Officer, Huron Consulting Group
Shoshana Vernick
Board Member
Managing Director at Avathon Capital