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By Bhanujith Wijesinghe
Last updated on August 31, 2023

Meet Hina, a senior student success coordinator for UDayton Global and American Collegiate Live. Learn how she and her team help international students with the pre-arrival process.

Hina, a senior student success coordinator with American Collegiate Live and UDayton Global, helps first-year international students with their pre-arrival steps before coming to the US. She and her team of coordinators keep in touch with students, informing them of the pre-arrival process, keeping them on track step by step, and offering support along the way. As a former program coordinator, Hina brings a wealth of knowledge about how to work with universities and students from around the world. 

Before focusing on American Collegiate Live and UDayton Global, she assisted students heading to Cleveland State Global and Utah Global. Read on to learn more about Hina and how her team of student success coordinators supports international students starting their higher education journey in the US.

Becoming a Senior Student Success Coordinator with Shorelight

Hina loved her own college experience, especially the social and cultural aspects of campus life. “I love interacting with people,” she says. 

After completing her master’s degree in media and communication, Hina found work as a celebrity manager. Her interests eventually led her back to academia, where she was a professor for several years, and from there Hina joined Shorelight. She started out as a program coordinator for more than two years before jumping into her role as a senior student success coordinator.

“Being a senior student success coordinator is nothing but helping students right from the start!” she says.

Student Success Coordinators Make the Pre-Arrival Process Easy

Student success coordinators make sure students can easily navigate the many steps to get from acceptance letter to campus arrival.

“From the moment the student has their I-20 issued or visa granted, we [start] sending out emails; interacting with students, setting up meetings, and helping them with their pre-arrival steps,” Hina says.

Students can get assistance with filling out immunization forms, placement testing, booking flights, and even setting up US phone numbers and bank accounts. Coordinators also support students in connecting with their campus, and keep them updated every step of the way. All communication methods are available, from email to phone calls, WhatsApp to Google Chat.

Hina provides academic support to students studying online with American Collegiate Live, and helps first-year students at UDayton Global with the pre-arrival process. She’s regularly in contact with 300+ students at a time, fielding upwards of 40 emails per day. 

“That’s my job, and I love supporting students. All student success coordinators do, too,” she says.

Hina’s Advice for International Students Coming to the USA

As both a former program coordinator and current student success coordinator, Hina has extensive experience guiding international students from different communities, regions, and countries to their destination campus in the US. She emphasizes that, while the process can be challenging, “I always make sure to tell them they are going for their own betterment, for their own career. I try to reassure them that [challenge] is nothing. You are going away from your family to make your life very successful.”

Hina also emphasizes how much support students will have from campus teams, many of whom have been international students themselves. They understand the difficulties international students face and have the expertise to guide you, no matter what you face. 

One day, you will be on campus and you won’t miss your home because you are with the right people, with a lot of good people who support you, understand you, and are there for you.” - Hina, student success coordinator, Shorelight

As student success coordinators, Hina and her team strive to keep international students informed and supported during the pre-arrival process. They work with thousands of students around the world daily to ensure they each have the smoothest transition to their destination campus in the US. 

“I always try to tell [international students], ‘You are taking the right step, go ahead and do well, study well,’” she says. “You have people to talk to, you have people to support you.”

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