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With Increased Vaccines, the US Continues to Reopen

campus life
By Tom Dretler
Published on May 20, 2021

America’s reopening has happened faster than we thought possible. CEO Tom Dretler looks at where we were and where we’re going – and what the US reopening trends mean for international students.

Groups of tourists walk and stand in front of the Reflecting Pool overlooking the Washington Monument in Washington, DC

This past weekend, in big cities and small towns across America, thousands of university students did something that would have been difficult to imagine just a few short months ago.

After so many months of learning virtually through computer screens and over Zoom, they put on their caps and gowns, waved to loved ones tearfully cheering them on, and walked across the stage, in person, to receive their diplomas and graduate. 

After 15 months of unprecedented loss and hardship from the relentless COVID-19 pandemic, we can now say without hesitation the words that we’ve been waiting for: America has reopened, and it’s happened faster than any of us had thought possible.

But it didn’t happen by accident. 

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