Career Premium

Designed for computer science, engineering, and business students - earn the skills, certifications, and real-world experience to get hired after graduation.

Who is eligible to enroll?

Ambitious international students or working professionals interested in enhancing their career skills.

What is the time commitment?

The program is 16 weeks long and students remain eligible for the full duration of OPT and CPT upon completion.

How much does it cost?

The cost of Career Premium is $2,000 for the 16-week program. See below for details on what is included.

Are you ready to enroll?

Enroll today to learn in-demand skills and certifications — plus get real-world experience — and fast-track getting hired after graduation. 

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How does the Career Premium Program work?
  • Certificates and training

    Attend online professional bootcamps and gain hands-on experience and access to certifications in a variety of in-demand skills.

  • Coaching and Mentorship

    Receive direct guidance from career coaches and industry experts on career exploration, skill training, and professional development.

  • Virtual Internships

    Build your skills, work on real-life projects, and expand your professional network at one of 12,000 multinational companies.

Upskill with Career Premium

Build your skills, grown your network, and be employment ready!
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Career Premium FAQs

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    Is the internship paid or unpaid?

    Currently it is unpaid - this is one of the ways that the program does not require a CPT authorization

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    Does the internship count toward/against CPT?

    Currently the internship component of Career Premium does not count against CPT.

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    What types of internship projects are available?

    Internship projects cover over 18 different types of industry fields. Here are some examples:

    • Technology Software Development/Api with PersonalBanker

    • Website Design - HTML, Java, React with Halcyon IQ

    • Virtual Reality & Healthcare with IVRHA (International Virtual Reality Healthcare Association)

    • Digital Content Creation with Wesco

    • Local Grown Salads (this is a quickly growing startup that is very excited to work with Shorelight students across multiple industries, and we have placed several in various internships below):

      • AWS - LGS Ecosystem System Designer 

      • Marketing

      • supply chain 

      • project management, 

      • Full Stack and front end development

      • Entrepreneurship

      • Raspberry Pi Development

    • Digital Marketing Strategy with Brightsity

    • Social Media Marketing with Conscious Gear

    • Diagnostics AI & Machine Learning with Ebb&Flo

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    How does a virtual internship work?

    You are able to work with the employer to set your schedule based on your time zone and class schedule. 

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    What is Pluralsight and what can I do with it?

    Pluralsight is a platform where you can earn industry credentials in tech, engineering, or business. These credentials are necessary in the field - such as being certified in Java or Python, or becoming a Certified AWS Cloud Practioner, etc. Pluralsight gives students access to earn those certifications in one place.

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    How long will I have access to Pluralsight?

    Currently, students have access for the 16 week duration of the Career Premium program.

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    How long does the Career Premium program last?

    Approximately 16 weeks, or the length of a traditional academic semester in the U.S.

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    Can I do more than one internship?

    You can only do one internship through Career Premium currently, though if you’d like to add another, that can be added and paid for separately.

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    How do I pay? (Domestic vs. International Accounts)

    International accounts pay through Flywire as instructed on the Statement of Fees.

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    What certifications will I earn?

    • Certification 1 : Design Thinking – develop effective approaches to problem-solving

    • Certification 2 : Social Entrepreneurship – foster widespread positive change

    • Certification 3 : Global Citizenship – thrive in diverse environments. Endorsed by the University of Peace – UN Charter

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    What kind of credentials will I earn and be prepared for after Career Premium?

    • Business Students

      • Agile, Scrum, PMP

    • Computer Science Students

      • Java, Python, PHP, C++ , Ruby

      • AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure

    • Engineering Students

      • DP-203 Microsoft Exam dp-203; Site Reliability Engineering; Security Operations Engineering; Reverse, Social, Chaos and Network Engineering

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     What types of careers will this help me prepare for?

    • Consulting

    • Project Management

    • Marketing

    • Software Developer

    • UX Designer

    • Mobile App Developer

    • Information Security Analyst

    • Systems Architect

    • Video Game Developer

    • AI Engineer

    • Engineering Manager

    • Product Engineer

    • Data Engineering

    • Mechanical Engineer

    • Civil Engineer

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