University of South Carolina

Academics at USC

With 15 colleges and schools offering 324 unique degree options, you’re sure to find the right fit at the University of South Carolina. All programs start with the Carolina Core classes for a well-rounded education, and you’ll have the opportunity to apply what you learn in the classroom to hands-on research starting your freshman year. Whether you’re conducting experiments for an engineering course, researching the Brazilian coffee trade for economics, or making oceanic discoveries in marine science, the right experience can help you connect your lessons to the real world.

South Carolina faculty members serve as teachers, advisers, and mentors, working hard to ensure an exceptional student experience. At each school within the university, you’ll find advisers who are knowledgeable about the specifics of each degree program. Plus, you can meet with coaches to create an academic plan, set goals, and learn the skills you need to be successful during your time at USC.