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Founded in 1982, this public university offers 86 academic programs in 15 colleges and has been noted by the Wall Street Journal and others as one of the country’s top public universities. UIC embraces its urban location, with a focus on engaging students in the metropolitan, social and health issues that face Chicago and cities around the world.

The most popular programs include accounting, architecture, computer science, criminology/law/justice, engineering management, information and decision science, nursing, public policy, urban education and urban studies. The Colleges of Engineering and Business Administration are the two fastest-growing schools. Students benefit from an impressive ratio of one faculty member for every 18 students.

UIC maintains the Hull-House Museum where Jane Addams – the first American woman to win a Nobel Peace Prize – founded a settlement house in 1889 to help immigrants adapt to American life. Addams’ commitment to social reform is integral to UIC’s mission today.


As a student at Chicago’s biggest university, you’ll join 30,000+ total students, with undergrads totaling about 19,400. UIC is among the top five most diverse campuses in the U.S. – 40 percent of the first-year class is Hispanic, and international students come primarily from China, India, South Korea, Canada and Brazil.

The campus is in Chicago’s Near West Side, adjacent to the downtown area known as the Loop. Students take advantage with unlimited access to the Chicago Transit Authority. About 3,800 students opt for campus housing; another 6,000 live in nearby apartments. A new mixed-use center combining residential, academic and retail space will open in 2019.

With 30 or so sororities and fraternities, Greek life is popular. Students also enjoy great recreational facilities, including multiple pools, a three-story climbing wall, and campus events like Spark in the Park music festival and Friday Night Live – themed nights with free games and entertainment.

Miami is an amazing city to live in — the people are so friendly, the weather is warm, the beaches are beautiful, and it is very diverse. There are people from all over the world here, which makes it a very welcoming environment for international students. I am always meeting people from new places and learning about new cultures, which is what I love most about this city!
- Oscar, Peru


Beyond academics, students can gain valuable experience through internship programs with local businesses, nonprofits, and community and governmental organizations. Students can also get a taste of life beyond college through research and other programming, from humanities research seminars at the Newberry Library to clinical rotations at Chicago hospitals and clinics for health science students. Volunteering and service learning provide still more opportunity.

UIC helps students begin the next phase of life with an array of tools and workshops that support new careers. You can learn to evaluate a job offer, negotiate a salary and power network, right on campus, plus take advantage of regularly held information sessions, networking events and jobs fairs.


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